Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Plan

Here is our Frost Toes training plan.

We will begin Saturday, October 4 by running the 5 mile Heroes Run For Hope. There's still time to register for this race; the registration fee is $20 and the event is a fund raiser for the Marrow Foundation.

The Heroes Run finishes in the Chatham Community Park (aka South Park), and there will be a sign where the Frost Toes are supposed to gather after the race. Please wait for me, because I'm not going to be setting a PR that day. This will be a chance for you to sign a waiver and provide your contact information as well as an emergency contact.

The following Tuesday and Thursday nights we'll be in Washington Park. Keep an eye on this blog for details on the planned workout.

Then, on Oct 11, we'll meet at Panera West for a 6 mile run. The remaining Saturday distances will be:

October 18 8 miles
October 25 6 miles on the course--meet at FitClub West
November 1 9 miles
November 8 7 miles
November 15 10 mile practice run on the course--meet at FitClub West
November 22 8 miles
November 29 6.2 miles on the Abe's Amble course
December 7 RACE DAY

I'm looking forward to the second year of Frost Toes fun!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Two Weeks To Go!

Just two weeks until Frost Toes 08 begins! Are you ready?

I think I am, although my running has been very erratic all summer. Maybe I just needed to get with the Toes before things got good.

This morning I ran the route for the Heroes Run for Hope, and it looks like a great course for our first run. It's an easy 5 miles with a couple small hills thrown in for laughs--they're speed bumps compared to Abe's Amble, and barely even speed bumps compared to the Frostbite Festival hills. Don't forget to register!

All in all, Oct 4 should be fun.

Things will be different on Tuesday, Oct 7, when we begin our hill workouts in Washington Park. Our target time for the workouts will be 5:30; if people can't make it by that time, we'll see if we need to move the time back to 5:45.

Thursday, Oct 9 will be the first Thursday run with Mary Rogers in charge. Those runs will also begin and end in Washington Park.

Can you feel the excitement?