Saturday, August 30, 2008

Be A Hero

Hey Frost Toes, registration is now open for the First Annual Heroes Run for Hope, a 5 mile race October 4 in Chatham. There's also a 2 mile walk as part of the festivities, but Frost Toes do not do 2 mile walks. Unless it's a loooooooong cooldown. Sheesh.

Anyway, get yourself registered. Go to to download the app. Print it, fill it in, tuck in the $20, and get ready to run for a good cause--proceeds go to the Marrow Foundation.

And here's your chance to run like a hero. According to the website, costumes are encouraged! Wanna run like Superman? Batman? Spiderman? Here's a race where such things are absolutely welcome.

There's also a raffle for an awesome bike and a drawing for a Garmin.

This sounds like a truly fun event and it's our first Saturday run for the Frost Toes. So register, get your costume together, and make plans to be in Chatham on Oct. 4!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Go Army!

Congratulations to everyone involved in Abe's Army 2008. After getting through some of the worst weather ever on your Tuesday nights, you had beautiful weather for Abe's Amble.

Now, I'd like to invite you to the Frost Toes. We're a different kind of group than Abe's Army. For one thing, we don't organize into groups with designated leaders. Show up for the Saturday runs and I'll bet that you'll find someone else running at your pace. Run with them, get to know them, and talk to all the other runners before and after the long runs.

Along with the Saturday runs designed to increase your endurance, we have workouts on Tuesday and Thursday nights. On Tuesday nights we'll focus on hill running and speed work--or pacing work, if you prefer.

The goal of this group is to get everyone across the finish line of the Frostbite Festival 10-mile race on Dec. 7. We had good results last year and I expect even better results this year.

I'll be posting the training schedule later. Until then, welcome. Feel free to click on Comments and ask any questions you have. And be sure to take advantage of the Advanced Abe's Training!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Let's Race!

Minor change of plans, Frost Toes. Instead of gathering at Panera West in Springfield on Saturday, Oct. 4, let's all head down to Chatham for the First Annual Heroes Run for Hope. This is a 5-mile race that's being organized by Jenni Gardner, a strong supporter of Abe's Army, the HalfWits and the Frost Toes.

Not only that, but the race is a benefit that will raise money for the Marrow Foundation.

I have a soft spot in my heart for races that raise funds for a worthy cause. I'm also excited to see a 5-mile race on the local schedule, because that's a fun distance to run. And Jenni is a good friend who's been a great member and advocate of training groups like the Frost Toes, so I'm quite happy to support her efforts.

Here's another benefit: the 4 Seasons restaurant in Chatham has great French toast for breakfast after a Saturday race.

I'll post all the details, including registration info and start time, as soon as I know them. If you'd really rather not run in this race, I'll post an alternate 5-mile route but someone will have to volunteer to put out water.

Make plans to run in this race. See you Oct. 4!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Big BIG News

Here's some great news for anyone planning to run with the Frost Toes this fall. Our Thursday night runs are going to be led by veteran marathon runner and triathlete Mary Rogers.

Mary's name should be pretty familiar. She writes for the Foot Trails newsletter and is the SRRC Membership Director. She's also co-director of this year's Parade Run.

Mark your calendars for Thursday nights starting in October. Mary Rogers will be leading the Frost Toes!