Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Run with a Bunch of HalfWits!

The HalfWits group gets going Saturday morning, and I really encourage all the Frost Toes to give it a try. The HalfWits are just as informal as the Frost Toes were--show up when you can and run what you can.

It's a bigger group with even more people running at each and every pace, so you might find even more encouragement!

The first year I ran with the HalfWits, I wasn't thinking about even attempting to run a half marathon. I just wanted to see if I could run farther than 7 miles. That's the longest workout I'd ever managed to complete on my own. So I showed up for the first HalfWits, eventually found a group of runners at my pace, and kept it up.

The day we did 11 miles (first time ever for me), I went home, filled out the Lincoln Memorial registration form and wrote a check for the race fee. I've now run that race two times.

You all know how much inspiration you can get from a group of runners. But here's something you don't know: Tim Butler is nicer than I am. He's known to change the route to adjust for weather conditions like an icy wind. So the HalfWits usually don't find themselves running the last three miles into a headwind (remember THAT run?).

So drag yourself out of your warm bed Saturday morning and run with a bunch of HalfWits. Get the details over at the HalfWits blog.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Oh, the Frost Bites . . . .

If you're planning on running this weekend, be aware that we're looking at the possibility of crazy low temperatures. Dress carefully and plan a route that doesn't take you far from places where you can get help if you need it.

We all survived the extreme temperatures last summer. We can survive the extreme temperatures this winter and keep running outside.

Remember, the SRRC Monster Mash is Friday, February 1. You need to email Barb Bonansinga and Emily Klockenga with your reservation and that you will attend. Include the name your membership is under and the number of members in your party.

The next day is the beginning of HalfWits 08! Keep an eye on the HalfWits blog for complete details. And if you haven't started to get HalfWits news emails, be sure to join the email list--there's a button on the blog for doing just that.

I've really enjoyed running with all of you. The first ever Frost Toes was a treat, and I'm already thinking about changes for next year. If you have any suggestions, feel free to email them to me. And don't be shy about talking up the Frost Toes to your friends and family! We can have an even bigger and better group next year!

See you all on the road. Keep on running!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

What A Crowd!

Did you see how many people were out for the run today? WOW!

We had Frost Toes, HalfWits, people training for marathons and miscellaneous crazies. But everyone was there to run well and, judging from what I heard, everyone had a good run.

How about you? How far did you go? How did you do? Let everyone know!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Let's Do It Again!

One more time, it's Take Your Pick Saturday! You can just feel the excitement.

For all of the Half Wits crowd, this route is an olide but a goodie:

It's also a good one because you can literally decide just what distance you want to run. You can run the Wabash Trail to the CVS Pharmacy and back for 6 miles; run over the Stanford overpass and back for 8 miles, or do the whole distance for 11. Want 12? Before or after the run, cut across the ShopKo lot, turn left onto Robbins, left onto Hollis, and curve around back to Panera.

I'll have Gatorade and water on the picnic tables at the east end of the Wabash Trail, and everyone going the full 11 can grab a drink in the FitClub lobby. We'll start from Panera West at 7 am.

Since the HalfWits program starts on February 2, I'm thinking about taking a two-week break from formal group runs. That will give everyone a chance to show up for HalfWits refreshed and ready to run again. Sound good?

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Take Your Pick Saturday!

This is a special Saturday--it's Take Your Pick Saturday!

Yeah, you can take your pick of distance to run--6, 10, or 11.3! We'll start from Panera West at 7 am. Here's a link to the route:

If you want to run 6, just go to FitClub West and take the described route directly back to Panera. If you want to run 10, turn around at Chatham Road instead of crossing and going into Washington Park.

I'll set out Gatorade and water at FitClub West and water at Washington Park. And I plan to run the whole route SLOW if anyone wants to go with me!

See you Saturday.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Make Plans for the Monster Mash!

This just in from Emily Klockenga:

Feb 1, 2008 is the annual Monster Mash at Northfield Center beginning at 5pm. Yes dinner is free to members again this year, information on a speaker is pending. Yes we need your reservation to give conference planners a good idea of how many will attend. Folks will also be on hand should you wish to register for the Lincoln Memorial Half Marathon coming up April 5th.

Just email Barb Bonansinga and Emily Klockenga both please with your reservation and that you will attend, include the name your membership is under and the number of members in your party.

Come on out, it's always a great event. Share memories of your past year of running and have fellowship with your club friends while planning a great year of running for 2008!