Monday, October 29, 2007

Tuesday & Thursday Plans

Tuesday - Another hill combination workout, this time we will run the Carillon hill and the hill leading up to the shelter.

Thursday - This is my first attempt at using the USATF running route site. I've ran this route before but couldn't find a map for it.

Thursday's Route

The route will take us down the hill from the shelter, up to Feldkamp and down to SHG. If the track is open, we can run a lap on the track then head back to the park and complete the Washington park loop back to the shelter. The course is only about 4 miles, but anyone who wants to can add an extra half mile by including the Williams Blvd loop.

We will meet at the Washington park shelter at 5:30 both nights.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ten miles? You bet!

What a GREAT looking group of Frost Toes this morning! Everybody got through the ten mile route without passing out or throwing up or any other bad event.

Some Toes yelled as they finished, and everyone deserved to yell. Ten miles is quite an achievement. I know people who run all the time who've never run that distance in a workout.

By the way, did anyone notice that we started with a full moon? That might have had something to do with some weird things, like Frost Toes diving into drug stores along the way.

Now that you've experienced the distance of the Frostbite Festival, we're going to work on getting you confident about the distance. Next week we extend to 11 miles, then we cut back to 6 miles. The following week we run the actual course, so that you absolutely know you can finish the course when you line up on race day.

We have just four more Saturday runs. I'm pumped! How are you feeling? Post a comment and let us know.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The rain, the park, and other things

If you're too young to understand the reference to a Cowsills song (or too young to remember the Cowsills), well that's just too bad. It's a handy way to talk about the run some of us enjoyed on Thursday evening.

But wasn't it raining?

Actually, it didn't rain on us while we were running. Once again the clouds refused to drip on the Frost Toes. But it was damp and cold during the run, prompting one of the Frost Toes to suggest that we put something on the blog about dressing for the cold weather.

Okay, here it is: Be careful when you dress for a run in cold weather.

Seriously, every runner has a different tolerance for temperatures. I tend to get warm no matter what the temp, so I run in shorts and short-sleeved T-shirts when others are wearing long sleeves and pants. My personal line is 40 degrees--anything above 40 and I'm wearing shorts. My legs just feel too hot if I don't. Up top, I wear what seems appropriate for the temp; Thursday night it was a long-sleeved wicking shirt with a light jacket over it. The jacket's made of wicking material that also claims to "breathe" so I don't feel like I'm in a portable sauna.

What about everyone else? As we get closer to Frostbite time, how do you dress for the elements?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

No Hills

I keep hearing that there are no hills in Springfield, so I don't know what we were running on tonight. But it was a great workout, and everybody did a fine job on those hills or whatever they were.

Check Dwayne's post below for the lowdown on Thursday night.

Saturday morning at 7 we tackle 10 miles. This is just a small step up from the 8 mile run we did a couple weeks back. We'll start at Panera West, head out on the Wabash trail, and go to Bunn Park. The Springfield Park District said the drinking fountain in front of the clubhouse will be operating on Saturday, so you can get water before heading back. Water and Gatorade will be at the east end of the trail, so you can grab both on the way out and the way back.

Here's a link to the route:

If you've never run that far before, don't fret about it. Just start out at an easy pace and maintain it. If you get tired, walk a bit. And remember that we're all Frost Toes--we're all in this together!

Also, there's a Frost Toe who needs to start the run at 6:30 and doesn't want to run alone. She'll be somewhere around an 8-minute per mile pace. If you're interested in an early start at that pace, add a comment or shoot me a quick email.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Weekly Washington Park Runs

I enjoyed Saturday's run. I had never ran that far on the Frostbite Festival course. I thought that there were supposed to be some hills.

Tuesday night we will get back to a hill workout. We are going to run the set of hills that includes the Feldkamp hill and the hill that leads to the upper pond. How about 3-4 sets? I will explain more when we meet on Tuesday.

For Thursday night let's try a route to Fit Club West. Sunset is 6:05, so it will be starting to get dark when we are coming back so wear your safety flashing lights.

Thursday's Route

Start time for both nights is 5:30 PM at the Washington Park Shelter.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Fall Races and Frostbite Training

There are two more races on the SRRC schedule before the Frostbite Festival. The Canal Connection 10k is set for Sunday, November 4 in Utica, and the Jingle Bell 5k is scheduled for Saturday, November 17 in Springfield. The Frost Toes schedule calls for an 11-mile run on November 3 and our practice run on the Frostbite Festival course on November 17.

So what do you do if you're already signed up for those races but you want to keep up your Frost Toes schedule?

My suggestion for everyone signed up for the Canal Connection is just to run some extra miles after the race. You're going to be running 6.2 miles, and you're probably going to run fast because the Canal Connection is known as a good race for setting a PR. So after you finish, just do a cool-down run of 4 or 5 miles to log at least 10 for the weekend.

The weekend of the Jingle Bell 5k is more of a problem. You probably don't want to run the 10-mile Frostbite Festival course and then run a 5k; that would be a half marathon. So why not run the Jingle Bell race on Saturday and run the course on Sunday? If you want to do that, please let me know so I can plan to put sufficient water and Gatorade on the course.

Who Wants a T-shirt?

Graphic artist and fellow Frost Toe Anne Baker has designed a Frost Toes T-shirt, perfect for telling the world that you are part of the inaugural Frost Toes training group!

If a T-shirt sounds like a good idea, let me know that you would be interested in buying one. I'd like to have an idea of how many shirts we'll be ordering when I contact a vendor for the shirts and printing.

I'd like to get these printed on black long-sleeve tech shirts. Email me or post a comment (with your name included) if you're interested in a shirt.

That's more than enough for one post. I'll be putting up the route for next Saturday's 10-mile run in a day or two. By the way, EVERYONE did great on the hills today! You guys are truly Frost Toes!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

We're on Course!

Saturday morning you get to see the Frostbite Festival course, or at least part of it. We'll be running six miles on the course, and you'll get your first look at the hills.

We'll gather in front of FitClub West at 7 am and go west on Lawrence to Mill Bank Lane and turn right. Then turn left onto Victoria Lane. Follow Victoria to Koke Mill and turn right. Turn left on Washington and stay on Washington across Bradfordton Road all the way to Covered Bridge Lane. Turn around at Covered Bridge and stay on Washington to Koke Mill. Turn right on Koke Mill, left on Victoria, right on Mill Bank and left on Lawrence back to FitClub West.

Here's a link to the map:

It's very important to keep a comfortable pace on this route, which is just under three miles out and three miles back on the Frostbite Festival course. It's also important to keep an eye out for cars. Washington gets narrow between Bradfordton Road and Covered Bridge Lane, and some driveways are hidden.

Please don't park in the FitClub West parking lot unless you're a member. There should be plenty of parking available across Veterans Parkway at the small shopping center.

It looks like we'll continue to begin our Saturday runs at 7 am even after the end of Daylight Savings Time. Frost Toes preferred 7 am to 6:30 am by a margin of almost 4 to 1.

See ya Saturday!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Tuesday & Thursday Workouts

Tuesday night we will run a warmup down to Williams Boulevard and then do some quarter mile repeats (4-6) followed by a cool down back to the shelter. KT Mac's Back.on.Track blog has an excellent resource for calculating your pace.

Know Your Pace

Keep in mind the suggestion from the McMillan Site "I always suggest that during your first workouts, just shoot for the slow end of the range. Training too fast, too soon is the quickest way to failure."

For Thursday night let's try a 4.5 mile route outside of the park. Sunset is 6:15, so it will be starting to get dark when we are coming back so wear your safety flashing lights.

Thursday's 4.5 miler

Start time for both nights is 5:30 PM at the Washington Park Shelter.

Saturday, October 13, 2007


That wasn't so bad, was it?

So many Frost Toes had that amazed look on their faces when they finished. That look of, "I can't believe I just ran eight miles!" Some of you said it out loud. EIGHT MILES!

Feels great, doesn't it? And you found out that, if you keep your comfortable pace, going longer than you have before is not really that hard. I firmly believe that if everybody knew just how easy it is to increase your distance, the streets and trails would be packed with runners every day.

And the great thing was, nobody got lost!

So what did you think of our eight mile run? Click on the Comments link and share your thoughts with other Frost Toes!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Saturday Route and the Halloween Hustle

Sorry I couldn’t be with my Toes Thursday night. As a guy I used to work with would say, I apparently let my work get in the way of my workouts!

But I will be there Saturday. I’m looking forward to this route because it’s got everything. We’ll start at Panera and go north on West White Oaks. Then turn right onto Iles and go all the way to Chatham Road. Stop at Schnucks if you want water, then go to intersection with Chatham Road. Turn left onto Chatham Road and then right onto Iles. Stay on Iles to MacArthur and turn right onto MacArthur. Turn left onto Highland and stay on Highland until you reach the railroad track, where the street becomes Iles again. Turn right onto 4th Street and then turn right onto Stanford. Take Stanford over the overpass, then turn left onto Junction Circle. Junction Circle curves around to the end of the Wabash Trail. Water will be set up at the trail head. Take the Wabash Trail to Robbins Road. Turn right onto Robbins and right onto Hollis, which will take us to Panera.

Like I said, this route has everything. We’ll be on major streets, side streets, a hill, and a trail. What else could you want? Oh, and it’s just a bit over 8 miles. Click here for a map of the route.

Speaking of trails, the Springfield TrailBlazers will be hosting the 1st Annual Halloween Hustle & Trail Trot, 2 mile walk, 4 mile fun run, October 28th, 5:00 pm. Meet at the West End of the Wabash Trail; that’s the end near Panera. Come in costume, because this is a family friendly event! The Trailblazers will be judging costumes as you are running/walking—you might just win a prize! No fee to participate, but a donation can be made to the TrailBlazers for future improvements on our trails. Parking will be available at BJ Grand Salon.

The Trailblazers are also looking for volunteers to work this event. Send an email Lori Milkint at or Tressa Hartman at if you are available to help. They are also calling out for anyone that wants to donate a jack-o-lantern to decoarate and light up the trail that night. Contact the Trailblazers if you would be willing to donate one.

An 8-mile run on Saturday and a Halloween Hustle & Trail Trot in a couple of weeks. Don’t tell ME there’s nothing to do in Springfield!

Update: Our starting time Saturday is 7 am. Sorry I didn't include that.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Thursday's Route

Last night's hill workout was a good one. I think that we will switch to a speed workout next Tuesday for a little variety.

For Thursday, I thought that we would run the Art run course with the Washington park loop. The map has the distance as 4.8 miles. This will allow us to get out of the park while we still have some daylight.

Art Run w/ Wash. Park loop

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Get Social!

Need a break after Saturday's 8-mile Frost Toes run? What better way to take a break than to do it than with fellow SRRC runners?

You and your friends are invited to the SRRC Saturday Social for October at Willet's Winery in Manito, IL. Listen to the Ratskeller Brummer's, enjoy German brats and desserts, and relax in their small town style courtyard. If you've never tried Apple Splash, Cranberry Frost, or Blueberry Chill (no, not HILL), then you are in for a treat!

Enjoy German style cookout, music and the fall scenery. $15 per person gets you a designated driver for the day (shhhh....I'm not supposed to tell you, but it's on a school bus!).

Meet at The Office Sports Bar and Grill at 11:00 a.m. Saturday, October 13, for lunch and then depart from there at noon. Plan to return to Springfield around 7:00 p.m. Pack beverages (no glass bottles) and snacks for the trip.

You may want to bring lawn chairs or a blanket and you're welcome to bring your friends. Relax - let someone else drive and enjoy the day.

Please RSVP by emailing Emily at

Saturday, October 6, 2007


It was a little humid and a little warm, but it was a pretty easy 6 miles this morning, wasn't it? That's a distance you know you can handle, and you did it! Everybody did a good job today.

Except I forgot to bring copies of the Frost Toes schedule and copies of the information sheet for folks who haven't filled one out.

If you want me to email you a schedule, or if you simply want to be sure you're part of the email updates every week, click here and send me an email.

Tuesday night we're back in Washington Park for a hill workout led by Dwayne Blisset. Join us at 5:30 at the shelter near the playground if you can.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Oh, Those Hills!

Well, Tuesday night was my first hill workout in several months, and I was feeling it on Wednesday. But how great was it to be running the hill with your fellow Frost Toes? Everyone looked great out there, and trust me--we'll all be glad that we did these hill workouts.

Dwayne will be leading a run from Washington Park to the YMCA on Thursday. Here is the route we will run:

Half Wits--Washington Park to YMCA

Saturday morning we will be running 6 miles. We'll meet up at Panera West at 7 am, run across the ShopKo parking lot to Robbins Road, turn left on Robbins and then right on Progress Drive. We'll then take a right onto Koke Mill and run north all the way to Old Jacksonville Road. We'll take a left onto Rickard Road to FitClub West. We'll come back to Panera by way of Wood Mill Road and West White Oaks Drive. Here is a link to the route:

Frost Toes 6 Mile Run

There will be water available at FitClub. And we won't start until 7:05 at the earliest.

See you Thursday afternoon, Saturday morning, or both!

Monday, October 1, 2007


Courtesy of Anne Baker, here are a couple of photos from Saturday morning's run.

The boredom of official opening remarks ...

And the thrill of actually starting to run!

Thanks, Anne!