Monday, August 24, 2009


WE HAD THE PERFECT WEATHER FOR ABE'S AMBLE, so I predict that Frostbite Sunday will be in the 20's with a wind outta the north. In other words, PERFECT WEATHER FOR FROSTBITE!

I heard a lot of people talkin' bout the Frost Toes at Abe's Amble. In case anyone is wondering--yes, this group is open to everyone. The only thing I ask is that you bring a POSITIVE attitude because this course is hard. And that means the training can't be easy. But we make up for that by being a pretty easy-going bunch of runners.

Our motto is, "Never too cold to run." The secondary motto is, "We're all in this together." No matter what your Frostbite goal is--and mine is simply to finish--you get motivation from all the other Frost Toes, and you can motivate others.

Looking forward to seeing everyone Oct 3 at the Heroes Run. There's a link to the Heroes page in the previous post.