Sunday, November 11, 2007

Got Our Frost On!

We FINALLY had a frosty morning for one of our training runs. Who knew it would be November before we would have a cold run?

And wasn't it great to run just 6 easy miles after those 10 and 11 mile runs the past couple of weeks? I heard a couple people say they never thought that 6 miles would seem easy. Heh heh heh . . .

That's Mara Kasper showing that she got HER frost on during the run. Mara, we're the Frost TOES, not Frost Shoulders!

We'll run hills Tuesday night, a run in the park Thursday night, and next Saturday we'll be running the course. Meet at FitClub West at 7 am. For those who are running the Jingle Bell 5k on Saturday, what time do you want to start on YOUR practice run on Sunday? Post your thoughts on the Comments page.

Here are some more photos of our Frost Gals, courtesy of Jenni Gardner.


Mary L. Rogers said...

Troy, Penny W. and I ran the FrostBite Course this morning 'cause I'm out of town next weekend. OHMIGOSH - I forgot how hard that it! It wasn't a great run - by any means, and all I could do was count down the hills to the end. BUT we did it without too much beeyotching and now we're ready to rock and roll as will all of you.

My best advice? Start out slow and ease your way towards the five mile mark - seems like it's more uphill on the way out than the way back. Pick up your speed at the end.

See ya at the park on Tuesday!

Mara said...

Hey, frost is frost no matter where it is, Barry! I am up for 6:30 or 7am start for the Sunday run. I am planning on taking it slow just to make sure I can finish. I hope more people join me.

Dwayne said...

For Tuesday, we will have our final hill workout before the race. We will run the hill that leads to the upper pond and the steep hill to the east of it. I was thinking about 3 sets of these hills, but as always if you want to run more or less you can.

For Thursday, I thought that we would run 5 miles. This will be half the distance of our Saturday run of the course. We will run 2 laps inside Washington park, the first lap we will head down the hill, up the carillon hill and return to complete the first loop. The second lap we will include Williams Blvd (be careful crossing MacArthur). We can decide as a group if we want to alternate directions or not.

Just a reminder, the plan for Thanksgiving day is to meet other SRRC members at 7 AM for the Annual Cold Duck Run instead of our evening run. Read more about it at the SRRC website.

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Jenni G mobile said...

What the?? Anyone speak Brazilian?

Dwayne, say it ain't so!! LAST hill workout?? But why?

Dwayne said...

On the 20th, we will do a negative split timed workout. This should allow the group to stay closer together.

On the 27th, the schedule calls for just an easy run.

But we will experience a good 10 mile hill workout this coming Saturday.

Jenni G mobile said...

Can we run the negative splits up hill? Both ways?