Friday, December 28, 2007

Saturday Run

Due to popular demand, we'll have ourselves a nice little run on Saturday morning. Here's a link to the route:

But let's run it in reverse--we'll start by going through Westchester and Seven Pines and come back on the Wabash trail. In other words, we'll do this:

Start south from Panera on W. White Oaks which becomes Hollis. Left on Robbins. Left on Lindbergh. Left on Westchester. Left on Chatham. Right on Seven Pines, which curves into Shiloh. Right on Park. Left on Centre. Left on MacAruthur. Left to Wabash Trail. Right on Hollis and back to Panera.

How about we start at 7 am? It'll be our very last group run of 2007!


Bill said...

Some of you know I've been nursing my lower right leg since the Turkey Trot just wasn't improving fast enough so I got Venturini (my Chiropractor) to refer me into to St. John's for a bone scan today and it looks like I'm out of commission for a while. Yep I've got a stress fracture. I'll get back into the training as soon as I know these things take some time.

I'll keep up with the Toe's and the Halfwit's through the blogs.

Be well and I'll see ya'll next year!

Anne B said...

Oh no Bill, that's terrible news. I went through that last year (you saw the picture on my blog!). Maybe they will give you the go ahead for some deep water running and spin classes so that you can at least stay in shape.

Anne B

barry said...

Damn, Bill, that sucks. The only thing you can do is FOLLOW DOCTORS ORDERS and take all the time you need for the fracture to heal. Toes and Wits will the thrilled to see you back on the roads when you're ready.

Bill said...

I know when Barry types in all caps its IMPORTANT...he he... its the only thing that gets through to me...Thanks Barry!

Anne what a great idea on the deep water running! The spinning was the only idea that sounded possible and recommended by Venturini so far. Too bad I didn't go for the testing sooner....I'd be more than half way healed by now. Oh well .... its the adventure of learning from your mistakes that makes life interesting ;-)

Happy New Year Everyone!