Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Run with a Bunch of HalfWits!

The HalfWits group gets going Saturday morning, and I really encourage all the Frost Toes to give it a try. The HalfWits are just as informal as the Frost Toes were--show up when you can and run what you can.

It's a bigger group with even more people running at each and every pace, so you might find even more encouragement!

The first year I ran with the HalfWits, I wasn't thinking about even attempting to run a half marathon. I just wanted to see if I could run farther than 7 miles. That's the longest workout I'd ever managed to complete on my own. So I showed up for the first HalfWits, eventually found a group of runners at my pace, and kept it up.

The day we did 11 miles (first time ever for me), I went home, filled out the Lincoln Memorial registration form and wrote a check for the race fee. I've now run that race two times.

You all know how much inspiration you can get from a group of runners. But here's something you don't know: Tim Butler is nicer than I am. He's known to change the route to adjust for weather conditions like an icy wind. So the HalfWits usually don't find themselves running the last three miles into a headwind (remember THAT run?).

So drag yourself out of your warm bed Saturday morning and run with a bunch of HalfWits. Get the details over at the HalfWits blog.


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