Saturday, October 4, 2008

Look at Those Heroes

So the inaugural Heroes Run For Hope is in the books, and it was a great race. A whole bunch of Frost Toes showed up, and several of them, including Bill Stokes, Cara Barnett, Sandy Baldoni, Lois Jazo, Linda Grant, and Joni Stahlman, won age group awards. Those are just the names I remember; I haven't seen the official list so I probably missed some folks.

And the Frost Toes did not get together after the race. Sorry about that. I've been a little scattered lately, so I didn't have official forms to fill out or anything like that.

I did remind people that Tuesday is our first evening hill workout. We'll meet at the shelter by the playground in Washington Park at 5:30 pm. We'll do a warmup run down to the bottom of the carillon hill and then do four hill repeats. Then we'll do a cooldown run back to the shelter.

Thursday evening will be a run led by Mary Rogers, and she'll be posting information about that workout on this blog. Saturday we'll get together at Panera at 7 am for a short talk about Frost Toes (I will have forms) and then an easy 6-mile run.

Lost and found--A digital camera in a black carrying case was found in Chatham Community Park after the Heroes Run. If it's yours, contact Jenni Gardner.


Jenni G said...

Thanks, Barry for not only helping out with the race, but for including the Heroes run as part of the Frost Toes. I hope all the Frost Toes had a good time and ate lots of yummy, warm soup!! Thank you so much for being part of our event. We were able to raise a significant amount of money for the Marrow Foundation and all of you should give yourselves a pat on the back! There are some awesome pictures available at the Heroes blog and over at Hardy Breed. The results will be available VERY soon, I promise! They will also be posted on the Heroes site.

Thanks again and have a safe and injury free training season!

Anonymous said...

Great race Jenni! It was a lot of fun and it was great to see so many Toes out there!

See ya Tuesday!

barry said...

Cara's new nickname, of course, is Fast Chick.