Thursday, November 27, 2008

3rd Annual Abe's Turkey Trot

After all that turkey, dressing, gravy, cranberries, pie, etc., etc. there must be a price to pay! And one of them is running a 6.2 hilly course with a bunch of other people who also ate like you did! We'll be gathering at the Pork Patio at the Illinois State Fairgrounds on Saturday morning at 7 am to run the 3rd Annual Abe's Turkey Trot! Come show your stuff (or is that stuffing?)! You can dress like a turkey or dress like a cold Frost Toe, but however you dress be prepared to run your turkey legs over the course! Water will be set out near the exit from the park onto 1st Street/Black Avenue and on Monument Avenue near the cemetery entrance. There will also be water at the finish line at the Pork Patio. Next week will be our official taper so this will be the last "long" run before the race on December 7! Hope you can join us!


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