Thursday, December 4, 2008

Frostbite Registration and Packet Pick-up

If you registered for Frost Toes, stop by SportsCare on Chatham Road tomorrow (Friday) between 4 and 7 pm for packet pickup. We're happy to be able to offer a quality windshirt as the race shirt. We'll have registration forms for those of you who are doubting the weather and waiting to the last few days before making a commitment! Registration will also be available at FitClub on the day of the race from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. Race day calls for cold and clear, temperatures in the high 20s to low 30s, maybe even some sun! Hopefully, there won't be wind on the day of the race, but if it is windy, I know you'll all be ready for the challenge. We've got a large group of Frost Toes who've spent many weeks in training getting ready for this race. I know you're all ready because I've seen the commitment and dedication to the training. Your race is finally almost here! Even Roger ran those hills and did that speed work!

Join us on Sunday, December 7 for the 45th Annual Frostbite Festival and get your frost on! It will be a great time and we've got coffee, hot chocolate and plenty of food to refuel after the race.
I hope we see you at the starting line!

Linda and Nancy


RoboChuck said...

Thank you Linda and Mary and who all were involved in putting the group runs together. Even though I sporadically made them on the weeknights, I love running with a group on weekends. I am on race day decision right now. My right foot is hurting and dont know if I can run on it for 10 miles. We shall see. Congrats to all who have trained for this race.

It will be in the high 80's this Sunday morning...

Oh wait, my painkillers just kicked in for a sec. Bundle up and enjoy the race.

Dustie said...

I, too, am still trying to decide if I can run FB. I had to back off the training group for the past two weeks due to an upper respiratory infection and am still feeling its effects. I missed not being able to run with everyone during that time and tomorrow as well. I thoroughly enjoyed the company and the friendships I made while training with the "Toes" and look forward to meeting up with everyone again soon! Good Luck to everyone who runs Frost Bite this year!! :)


Joni said...

Linda, Nancy, Barry and Mary.. what a fun and challenging race. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication and leadership! I am glad I trained and finished it... sorry that I was a vocal whiner.

Barry thanks for the wonderful words, read by Linda today. You are in all the Toes hearts and we wish you well.


Anonymous said...

well organized race with a dry day with no wind. If it weren't for the hills I would say it was enjoyable. I did enjoy the good sandwiches after the race and give you compliments on the food.
thanks to nancy and Linda for your work

Mary L. Rogers said...

Okay toes - we're still training for something! If anyone is interested in still meeting on Tuesday and Thursdays - post a comment here .

Dustie said...

Mary - YES, I'm in!

Holly said...

Great job to everyone today. What a cold day for a long run!

Just a reminder to all Triple Crown participants. If you have not contacted me, I need your information by tomorrow evening.

You have to contact me. Our data base does not keep track of this information.

You can email me at

Thanks and Congratulations to all of the new runners who tackled this course for the first time. What an accomplishment! You should be very proud. Next goal~the Lincoln Half Marathon.

Mary L. Rogers said...

Tuesday/Thursdays will continue at Washington Park unless posted otherwise. 5:30 p.m. sharp - bring your own water - routes TBA - but most likely will stay in the park during the dark cold months.

This week will be EASY though, as some of us are still recovering from Frostbite ;-) Next week - back at those hills!

Anonymous said...

Hey all - I'm not running tomorrow evening. I'm going to run on my lunch in the daylight hours! Have a good run!

Mary Rogers

Mary L. Rogers said...

okay - disregard previous post.


Running figure 8's in the park!

Anonymous said...

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