Monday, August 24, 2009


WE HAD THE PERFECT WEATHER FOR ABE'S AMBLE, so I predict that Frostbite Sunday will be in the 20's with a wind outta the north. In other words, PERFECT WEATHER FOR FROSTBITE!

I heard a lot of people talkin' bout the Frost Toes at Abe's Amble. In case anyone is wondering--yes, this group is open to everyone. The only thing I ask is that you bring a POSITIVE attitude because this course is hard. And that means the training can't be easy. But we make up for that by being a pretty easy-going bunch of runners.

Our motto is, "Never too cold to run." The secondary motto is, "We're all in this together." No matter what your Frostbite goal is--and mine is simply to finish--you get motivation from all the other Frost Toes, and you can motivate others.

Looking forward to seeing everyone Oct 3 at the Heroes Run. There's a link to the Heroes page in the previous post.


Amanda said...

Just wanted a bit of clarification: is it correct that the group Tuesday/Saturday runs don't start until October, after the Heroes run? And both days is the meeting place at Washington Park? While I shudder to think of winter on the way, I'm excited to have a group to run with!

barry said...

Actually, the Heroes Run doubles as our first Frost Toes run. It's October 3.

Tuesdays we'll meet in Washington Park. Saturdays we'll be all over the place. Still working on some of the meeting places.

That's the Frost Toes way! ;)

Jenni G said...

Hey Frost Toes! Registration for the Heroes race is now open! If you sign up before 9/2, you can avoid late registration fees. Plus, the most righteous HEROES HEADBANDS are limited to the first 200 registrants. They are the perfect cold weather running accessory for 2009. All the cool kids will have them. This year's Heroes race will be bigger and better with live entertainment, massages from MTI, hot soup, perhaps a celebrity guest, grand door prize is a new Garmin 310XT, and last but not least, Memorial Hospital's Regional Cancer Center is hosting a donor drive at the post race party. Find out what it takes to be a SUPERHERO! AND, as if that weren't enough, best superhero costume wins a special secret prize! Mostly secret cuz I haven't found just the right item yet, but I will! If you want to make a day of it, Chatham Craft Bazaar follows the race in the square. Make it a fun filled family day!! Hope to see you there!

Tasha said...

Where is the Frostbite Festival course? Is a map available?

barry said...

Follow this link to the USATF website: