Sunday, October 11, 2009

Frost Toes 2009 Group Shot

How 'bout that group of Frost Toes in front of our new Saturday morning gathering place?

Good job completing 6 miles in frosty but clear conditions, everyone. For everyone who complained about the temperature, remember our motto: NEVER Too Cold To Run!

Tuesday at 5:45 we'll meet at Washington Park for another hill workout. Some folks are talking about a Thursday night run as well. I can't make Thursday nights, but if someone wants to plan a route and be the one who says "Go!" for Thursday workouts, let me know at and I will post it here.


Barb said...

Good looking group, sorry I missed the run.

barry said...

It's okay, Barb. We talked about you the whole time.

KIDDING--hope you make it next week!

SandyKay96 said...

All -
What a great run. Barry thanks for organizing this group-this was my first time running with the Frost Toes. I look forward to next Saturday. I definitely need to update my cold-gear.

Anne B said...

Hey, that building looks familiar...