Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hills & Chills

Great group of Frost Toes came to Washington Park Tuesday evening to dodge a couple of rain drops and put in a little bit of hill training. Thanks, everyone!

Don't forget to run on Thursday. Run on your own or take advantage of Cassie Pollard's 5k in Lincoln Park at 5:15 pm. See the post below for details.

Saturday we've got 8 miles to cover and I've found some more hills for us to practice on. Here's a link to the route. We're basically heading to Chatham Road, then north to North Grand, then east to Monument Avenue to the entrance to Oak Ridge Cemetery and then back. We'll take Monroe on the way back to CMT.

Be aware that there's quite a bit of construction at the intersection of Washington and Chatham, so use the NORTH side of Washington street. And keep an eye on the weather so you dress appropriately. We'll get started at 7 am.

After all, it's NEVER too cold to run!


Anonymous said...

7:00 AM start time? Are there any sidewalks when running on North Grand-near Bruns Lane? That could be dangerous with the hills and no shoulder. Just wondering?

barry said...

Some shoulder, some not. It's a lot like the actual Frostbite course which you will see next week.

ian said...

hey barry! i just joined srrc and am wanting to begin training with the frost toes for the upcoming race. i can't run this saturday (out of town), but is there a specific place and time you meet to train during the week? let me know. i'm excited! thanks.

barry said...

Welcome, Ian!

As it says on the blog, we meet for hill and pace training Tuesday evenings at 5:45 in Washington Park.

Some folks are organizing some Thursday evening runs as well. When they pass along info to me, I post it on the blog as quick as I can.

So keep checking back and we'll look forward to running with you!