Thursday, October 22, 2009

Quarters and Cutting Back

Well, I was certainly stiff Wednesday morning after the quarters we ran Tuesday night. How did you feel?

This is our first cutback week; Saturday we will run a little more than six miles on the actual Frostbite Festival course. Click here to see a map of the route, and notice that we're starting from CMT again instead of FitClub.

We'll go west on Washington across Veteran's Parkway past Bradfordton Road all the way to the T intersection with Old Covered Bridge Lane. We turn around and come back on Washington to Koke Mill, which is just past the railroad viaduct. Turn right onto Koke Mill and then left onto Victoria Lane. Stay on Victoria as she curves to the right, then turn left onto Lawrence. We'll cross Veterans and then take a left onto Durkin Drive back to CMT.

Please note that Washington is essentially a narrow country road between Bradfordton and Old Covered Bridge. Keep an eye out for cars and pickup trucks. If you insist on wearing headphones, turn the volume down so you can hear if someone is yelling that a car or truck is on the way.

I'll set out water near the intersection of Washington and Bradfordton and hope that nobody steals it this time.

We might do some tailgatin' again if anyone is interested!


Finishing with Susan said...

What a great day for running hills, eatin' chilli and brownies (afterwards, of course). Another great coordination job, Barry.

Jenni G said...

Does everyone know that Susan knows sign language?

Anonymous said...

Did she tell someone they are #1 again?????