Saturday, October 20, 2007

Fall Races and Frostbite Training

There are two more races on the SRRC schedule before the Frostbite Festival. The Canal Connection 10k is set for Sunday, November 4 in Utica, and the Jingle Bell 5k is scheduled for Saturday, November 17 in Springfield. The Frost Toes schedule calls for an 11-mile run on November 3 and our practice run on the Frostbite Festival course on November 17.

So what do you do if you're already signed up for those races but you want to keep up your Frost Toes schedule?

My suggestion for everyone signed up for the Canal Connection is just to run some extra miles after the race. You're going to be running 6.2 miles, and you're probably going to run fast because the Canal Connection is known as a good race for setting a PR. So after you finish, just do a cool-down run of 4 or 5 miles to log at least 10 for the weekend.

The weekend of the Jingle Bell 5k is more of a problem. You probably don't want to run the 10-mile Frostbite Festival course and then run a 5k; that would be a half marathon. So why not run the Jingle Bell race on Saturday and run the course on Sunday? If you want to do that, please let me know so I can plan to put sufficient water and Gatorade on the course.

Who Wants a T-shirt?

Graphic artist and fellow Frost Toe Anne Baker has designed a Frost Toes T-shirt, perfect for telling the world that you are part of the inaugural Frost Toes training group!

If a T-shirt sounds like a good idea, let me know that you would be interested in buying one. I'd like to have an idea of how many shirts we'll be ordering when I contact a vendor for the shirts and printing.

I'd like to get these printed on black long-sleeve tech shirts. Email me or post a comment (with your name included) if you're interested in a shirt.

That's more than enough for one post. I'll be putting up the route for next Saturday's 10-mile run in a day or two. By the way, EVERYONE did great on the hills today! You guys are truly Frost Toes!


Emily K said...

I love the shirt!!! Anne you are so awesome! OH and of course so is Barry and Dwayne! :) But I want one! The design is GREAT! And I LOVE the feet on the snowflakes!!! How cute and creative!!!! :)

Sorry that I have not been running with yous. Thought about running the 6 this AM, but couldn't get out of bed... Were there any dogs on the course? HA! Well, I guess they are by Granny Janny's house aren't they?

Slowly getting better. Started back with running this week. Holly Dahlquist, aka my nurse, has been doing a great job supervising me and keeping me on my feet. I am going to try and run with Marython tomorrow, but depending how much I "drink" tonight... Halloween party... Hmmmmmm....

Miss yas! Cya on the roads soon...

Anne B said...

Aw shucks Em, thanks! It is good to hear that you are getting back on your feet. Hope all's well!!!
Miss ya,

Anonymous said...

Hey Anne, the shirts look fantastic and I agree with Emily, you are so creative. Put Dave and I each down for a shirt.
Barb Manson

Anonymous said...

Mark me down for a shirt.

Anonymous said...

Anne you did a great job, they are awsome! I definitely want one! Lori

Anonymous said...

I want one too !!!


Anonymous said...

I would also like to have one!
Thanks, Mara

barry said...

Marie, you have to PROMISE you won't fall down again.

barry said...

Marie, I forgot to add


Mary L. Rogers said...

And if you are looking for another fall race, the 20th Annual Allerton Park Trail Run (5.5 mile/2 mile) will be held Sunday, October 28th at 9:00 a.m. at the Robert Allerton Park in Monticello. $25 includes brunch and long sleeve T-shirt - no race day registration - canned goods are being collected for the food bank. Go to Second Wind Running Club for more info.

btw: Asics shoes for male/female overall winner and yes, Anne - they have "our" category!

PS - put me down for a shirt - I know a certain almost 17 year old who needs one of those!

Anonymous said...

Oooh that's a great shirt! Love the design.. I'll take one too!
Kari F.

Linda said...

Running snow flakes! Awesome! Put me down for a shirt too!
Great run on Saturday, Barry! You've got the group goin' strong!

Anonymous said...

The shirt is great! Put me down for one too.


Tressa Hartman said...

Put me down for a shirt as well. They look great Anne!


Anonymous said...

Yes, I'd also like a shirt. They look great Anne. Also, is anyone interested in running together Nov. 11 for World Run Day. Maybe a 5K from Washington Park?
Sandy Baldoni

Anne B said...

Barry, do you need to know shirt sizes? If so, put me down for a medium shirt. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, sizes....... I'll take a small. Thanks!
Kari F.