Monday, October 22, 2007

Weekly Washington Park Runs

I enjoyed Saturday's run. I had never ran that far on the Frostbite Festival course. I thought that there were supposed to be some hills.

Tuesday night we will get back to a hill workout. We are going to run the set of hills that includes the Feldkamp hill and the hill that leads to the upper pond. How about 3-4 sets? I will explain more when we meet on Tuesday.

For Thursday night let's try a route to Fit Club West. Sunset is 6:05, so it will be starting to get dark when we are coming back so wear your safety flashing lights.

Thursday's Route

Start time for both nights is 5:30 PM at the Washington Park Shelter.


Dwayne said...

We will just run to Veterans Parkway instead of crossing over to FitClub West.

This should make the route about 4.25 miles or so.

Kristina said...

Good words.