Thursday, October 25, 2007

The rain, the park, and other things

If you're too young to understand the reference to a Cowsills song (or too young to remember the Cowsills), well that's just too bad. It's a handy way to talk about the run some of us enjoyed on Thursday evening.

But wasn't it raining?

Actually, it didn't rain on us while we were running. Once again the clouds refused to drip on the Frost Toes. But it was damp and cold during the run, prompting one of the Frost Toes to suggest that we put something on the blog about dressing for the cold weather.

Okay, here it is: Be careful when you dress for a run in cold weather.

Seriously, every runner has a different tolerance for temperatures. I tend to get warm no matter what the temp, so I run in shorts and short-sleeved T-shirts when others are wearing long sleeves and pants. My personal line is 40 degrees--anything above 40 and I'm wearing shorts. My legs just feel too hot if I don't. Up top, I wear what seems appropriate for the temp; Thursday night it was a long-sleeved wicking shirt with a light jacket over it. The jacket's made of wicking material that also claims to "breathe" so I don't feel like I'm in a portable sauna.

What about everyone else? As we get closer to Frostbite time, how do you dress for the elements?


Mary L. Rogers said...

I'm with Barry - long sleeve shirt and shorts - perfect for this fall weather - hat when it rains. The rule of thumb is that you should feel chilled when you start up and you should dress for 15 degrees warmer than it actually is. My favorite running weather is actually rain....

Staying DRY is key and having a sweatshirt, dry socks and shoes to put on afterwards is important.

BUT most important - even though it is not HOT outside, your body still needs adequate fluids.

BUT - I wussed out tonight and will have to run on my lunch tomorrow instead of hitting the buffett...DANG!

sorry I missed y'all! And on Saturday - my daughter (following a NOVICE Hal Higdon plan) and I are only running 6 miles - we're repeating last week's course beginning at 7am - anyone interested? Post here and we can start from my house....

barry said...

I hate to be picky--no, wait, I LOVE to be picky--but if you start from your house, you'll be going longer than 6 miles.

Anonymous said...

Well, Mary lives about half way between my house and FitClub, so maybe she'll run an extra mile farther total, stop being sooooo picky. LOL See you Saturday.
Barb M.

Anne B said...

Wow, once again...



barry said...

Anne, we were shocked enough when it happened once. Twice? Earth shaking!


Anonymous said...

Hey guys, I took my daughter to gymnastics and on the way back I saw this yellow blur going as fast as lighting!!! Yes, it was Barry! Go Barry! Did you hear me honk my horn and yell? hehehe.


barry said...

So THAT's who that was! I waved back, but I didn't recognize your van.

Fast as lightning, shaking the ground just like thunder. LOL!

Lookin forward to the day you can join us, Pam!