Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ten miles? You bet!

What a GREAT looking group of Frost Toes this morning! Everybody got through the ten mile route without passing out or throwing up or any other bad event.

Some Toes yelled as they finished, and everyone deserved to yell. Ten miles is quite an achievement. I know people who run all the time who've never run that distance in a workout.

By the way, did anyone notice that we started with a full moon? That might have had something to do with some weird things, like Frost Toes diving into drug stores along the way.

Now that you've experienced the distance of the Frostbite Festival, we're going to work on getting you confident about the distance. Next week we extend to 11 miles, then we cut back to 6 miles. The following week we run the actual course, so that you absolutely know you can finish the course when you line up on race day.

We have just four more Saturday runs. I'm pumped! How are you feeling? Post a comment and let us know.


Bill said...

I'm just now getting my legs back... what the heck was I mantra the last couple of miles, "keep moving - focus on the next step". The mind was willing and that's what got me through it. Barry thanks for "reminding" me AGAIN to find a pace...seems I don't know what that is just yet. Do they sell it at Walgreens? ha ha

Anyway...I'll be in California and Arizona for the next couple of weeks so I'll have to keep the training schedule up while I'm on the road. 11 miler' eh? hmm let me see if I do an 8 and a 3 the same day does that count? ;-)

Emily K said...

Bill, According to Marie V's marathon 101 book, it would count. Right Marie? :)
BTW, Great job Bill and the rest that completed the 10! You are all so awesome!!! WHOOOO HOOOO!!!!

barry said...

One more time . . . the pace you want as you're stretching your endurance limit is an EASY one, not a pace that's so fast that you're breathing heavy. Work on your stamina now and we'll work on the speed some other time.

Okay, Rock? LOL!

Anonymous said...

I have only been to 2 saturday runs (the first one and the 8 miler). For various reasons I have not made the other sessions but would like to join you this weekend. Is that okay?

Dwayne said...

I haven't been able to attend many Saturday runs myself, but that is the great thing about running with the group. They are there when the schedule says they will be and willing to make sure that everyone completes the workout. For me, knowing that they will be there helps me show up and that is sometimes harder than the actual workout.

Last Tuesday's hill workout is one of my most memorable workouts. The group was clapping and yelling while everyone completed the workout. What a great experience.

Go Frost Toes.

barry said...

Well, I was going to say that, no, of course you can't join us if you've only shown up for two of the Saturday runs. Then Dwayne messed things up . . .


We're Frost Toes--we're here for each other whenever and wherever we run. If you're ready for the 11-mile run this Saturday (the route I'm thinking about will have a couple places where you can cut things short), please join us at 7 am.

Anonymous said...

thanks guys! I've been a runner for 30 years and am just now getting into these group runs. I REALLY enjoyed and the comradarie and support (I can't spell) the group brings. Hopefully I can somehow contribute and become more involved. Thanks and I look forward to seeing you Saturday.......well, as much as I can look forward to an 11 mile run.