Sunday, November 18, 2007

Just Two Weeks Left

Here's a huge THANK YOU to Anne Baker and Duane Wilson for setting up water stops on the Frostbite Festival course this weekend. You guys are phenomenal.

And how about all the Frost Toes? You guys started with a 5-mile run at the end of September and now you've completed a course that's so challenging that some very good runners refuse to run it. How big and bad are you?

If anyone has any thoughts about the practice run, including the shuttle bus that never came, feel free to share on the Comments page.

Now we cut it all back for the last two weeks. Tuesday night Dwayne Blisset has a very interesting workout for us, Thanksgiving Day offers a cornucopia of running choices (sorry, but I could not resist), and on Saturday we'll run the Abe's Turkey Trot. Basically, it's a 10k warmup for the Frost Toes, but anyone who wants to dress like a turkey is welcome. And spread the word--anyone who wants to run is welcome to trot the Abe's course with us.

The following week we'll take it easy during our runs, and the Frostbite Festival race is December 2. If you have not registered yet, please do. Also, the Frost Toes shirts that you've requested are NOT the same thing as the race T-shirt. Sorry if I confused anyone, but the Frost Toes shirt is a special commemorative for our group. The Frostbite Festival has its own shirt like any race. So make sure you register for the 10-mile run so there's a race bib for you.


Bill said...

My hat is off to everyone who took the challenge this weekend. Now I feel that I've earned the right to call this course what it really is: "The Billy Goat Trail!" LOL... I'm cherishing the sense of accomplishment I now feel and look forward the race on Dec. 2nd. See you there!

Mara said...

I am so glad I am able to say that I have completed that 10 mile course. I knew if I completed it today, then I could do it on race day. A special thanks to Gary for helping me along through the hills and staying with me till the end. I am also looking forward to the Frostbite race!!

Dwayne said...

I'm going to steal another HalfWits workout for Tuesday. We will meet at 5:30 at the shelter for a negative split workout.

We'll warmup from the shelter east to MacArthur, take a rest, then do runs of 8, 12, and 16 minutes (out 4, back 4; out 6, back 6; out 8, back 8), then cool down back to the shelter.

For Thursday the plan is to meet fellow SRRC members at 7 AM at the shelter. Read about the Annual Cold Duck Run at Springfield Road Runners Club.

The Frost Toes will run the Art Run w/ Wash. Park loop course which is 4.8 miles.