Monday, November 19, 2007

This Saturday -- Abe's Turkey Trot!

It’s back and destined to be more fun than ever-the Second Annual Abe’s Turkey Trot, Saturday, November 24!

This is the perfect opportunity to work off those Thanksgiving Day meals, not to mention the stress from fighting Black Friday crowds at the mall. We’ll run everyone’s favorite 10k course and gripe about how the mashed potatoes went right to our hips. OR we’ll try to decide if we’ve done enough hill training to be ready for the Frostbite Festival.

Dress like a turkey if you want to or wear your favorite cold weather running gear if you want to blend into the crowd. We’ll start at the Grandstand on the fairgrounds and run the Abe’s Amble route, which passes by Lincoln’s Tomb, the resting place of the president who first proclaimed a national Thanksgiving holiday.

For the Frost Toes group, this will be our last Saturday group run. The next weekend run for the Toes is the Frostbite Festival!

See you at 7 am Saturday at the Abe’s Turkey Trot starting line!


Linda said...

Barry and Dwayne:

YOU TWO ARE AWESOME! Thanks for all you've done to organize and motivate this group to run. It's so incredible to have a year round training program with Half Wits, Abe's Army and the Frost Toes! Thanks too to Anne Baker who designed the Frost Toes shirt. It is way COOL and will be just the thing to show off how great our group is. Thanks, guys--you made the program so fun with your enthusiasm and energy! I'm all Frosted up!

Anonymous said...

I won't be able to make it tomorrow morning. Everyone enjoy the run and have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

barry said...

Speaking just for me, Linda, it hasn't been that much work but it's been a whole lot of fun watching the Frost Toes go farther than they knew they could. They all knock me out.

But why are YOU thanking us? You've never run any of our organized workouts--LOL! You always take YOUR group and run away!