Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Last call!

Absolutely the last call for T-shirts! If you want one of these exclusive, official Frost Toes T-shirts, shoot me an email with your name and size.

Oh, and if you didn't catch my rant tonight about reflectors and flashers, DON'T RUN AFTER DARK WITHOUT REFLECTIVE MATERIAL AND FLASHERS!!!!!


Jen said...

Too cold for flashers!

Anonymous said...

and exactly where are they supposed to put their reflective material, Barry? Huh?


barry said...

Wherever they wish, Mary!


Reflective vests are great--you wear your vest over anything else you're wearing. If you don't like vests, buy clothing with reflective material sewn into it.

And Jen, it's NEVER too cold for flashers! At least, that's what I've heard . . . . .

Anonymous said...

HA HA HA!!! That was pretty funny Jen!!!

Barry, weren't you once known as a flasher??? Or was it that you were a flash dancer?

I can't remember... Hee! Hee!


(Jen, I'm still laughing!)

barry said...

Okay, who let Emily into this discussion . . . ?

You always run BY me like a flash of lightning, Em. That's what confused you . . ..

Anonymous said...

I'm still laughing!!!
-Em :)