Saturday, November 3, 2007

So, now you've run 11 miles . . . .

A small but hardy band of Frost Toes took off at 7 this morning and ran ELEVEN miles. Way to go! Now you know you can handle the Frostbite Festival without a problem.

Next Saturday we cut back to six miles and that's going to see sooooooo easy to everyone. Should be smiles all around.

If you want an official Frost Toes long-sleeve T-shirt, please make sure you email me with your name, size, and quantity you want. Click here to email me. With luck, we'll have these shirts by our Thanksgiving weekend run at the latest.

You guys are doing great. By the way, if you haven't registered for the race, you need to do that. You can download a registration from from the SRRC site, or register online here.

We'll see everyone Tuesday night. I think Dwayne has a speed workout up his sleeve.

1 comment:

Dwayne said...

For Tuesday, we will warmup over to Williams Blvd then run some strides on the grass.

I will explain the workout when we get to the Blvd.

5:30 start time and bring your flashing lights.