Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What Are YOU Doing This Week?

On the run Tuesday night, somebody asked me what kind of exercise I'm doing this week. My habit before one of the big races is to cut back quite a bit.

My usual routine is to run Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. I try to incorporate some cross training on an elliptical machine along with some Nautilus weight training. This week, though, I'm just doing some short easy runs like Tuesday night's runs.

What are you doing this week? How is it different from your usual routine? Share your thoughts in the Comments.

And don't forget to register for the Frostbite Festival and pick up your packets. You want to be ready for Sunday morning!


Anonymous said...

SRRC December Social
Saturday December 8, 8:30 am, why not stop by Panera West for a brief program overview of how you might give something back to the community during this season of giving by participating in a Habitat for Humanity Project or contributing in other ways to this great program?
Blair Dial will do a brief 5-10 minute talk on the program, you can sign up to work a project that day or in the future(refer to Blair's attachment here on how to do that), if you're not in the mood to swing a hammer or dig landscaping there are may other ways you can contribute. You can bring a check with you Saturday, send one in, buy a giftcard at a food place like Panera or at a home improvement store and they can use the cards to get lunches, tools, and materials for jobs and work crews. You could sign up with Blair to volunteer to work at the Habitat Store, oh and one one more thing, they take donations of the items listed in the attached wish list should you have something you want to bring Saturday or arrange with Blair to drop off. (Refer to Blair's attachment here).
So come on. You probably plan a relaxing Saturday run as a reward after doing the SRRC Frostbite Race the Sunday before, plan to make Panera a stop at 8:30. You'll get a chance to see your running friends and swap Frostbite stories and most importantly give something back to the community.
Feel free to call Blair Dial directly at Habitat for Humanity ph. 523-2710 x13 for more info.
Looking forward to seeing you Saturday, December 8th bright and early!
Go Frost Toes!
Barb B

Barry if you can get this posted on the blog I would sincerely appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Paniac! Paniac! A few questions b4 the big run..I say run because their is no race in my vocabulary! Did I understand right that the race was cncelled last year due to weather? When did they make the call. Just concerned w/the weather that they are predicating & I live an hour away. 2nd question: I've never run on icy roads let alone one with 20 hills to conquer! Are those attachments that go over your shoes worth the $? And is there any place locally to get them? Where do get goo too? Thanks if you can answer any of the 100 questions I posted!

barry said...

Don't panic about the weather yet, anonymous. A year ago we were already getting freezing rain and the ice was a couple inches thick in places on Saturday. The 10-mile race was canceled when one of the race directors nearly killed himself trying to place the mile markers. They went ahead with the two-mile race.

This year we may not even get ice. Keep an eye on the weather AND this blog. If I hear ANYTHING I will post it. If you send me your email address to, I will also email you the latest news.

Gu is available at the Springfield Running Center on West White Oaks Drive north of Wabash Ave. You might also ask at your favorite sporting goods store.

Anonymous said...

I have a pair of the Yak Trax and I think they're worth the cash. They're great on ice and hard packed show but once the snow gets much over an inch they're not as effective.

Anne B said...

I'm sitting in my cozy warm little house listening to the wind howling outside and thinking how lucky we were that the nasty weather held off. Good job out there today! I worked at the turnaround and it was so great to see the smiling faces of the Frost Toes, keeping it strong!!! You guys rock!