Saturday, November 24, 2007

How Ya Feeling?

What a great crowd we had for the Second Annual Abe's Turkey Trot and the final Saturday Frost Toes Run! Everyone seemed to enjoy the run.

So Frost Toes, how ya feeling?

Think about where we've been. We've built ourselves up to runs of 10 and 11 miles, including running the complete Frostbite Festival 10-mile course. At this point, you should be feeling confident.

That's your mental or emotional feeling. Now, how are you feeling physically? Do you feel strong, full of energy?

You probably will this week, because we cut back on the distance and intensity of our runs this week. It's a good time to cut back on the duration and intensity of any other training you're doing. This is NOT the time to be starting a new heavy regimen in the free weights room or starting the first week of a "boot camp" experience.

You've heard this before, but this is the week to get some rest, exercise enough to keep your muscles accustomed to movement, but NOT the week to do anything heavy. Even if you feel really ready to hit it when you get to the health club, resist the feeling. Save up all that energy and strength for Sunday. That's when it will get you over the finish line!


Anonymous said...

Good group turn-out and the weather was good. I still have the rest of my pumpkin pie to eat up this week; I'll be carbo loading so I will be full on energy next weekend. Hope next weekend is not like last year!

Anonymous said...

The following advice was in my training log for this week
If you're slow going downhill, you're leaning too far back and overbraking with your quadriceps. Shorten your stride and lean forward.
I think there are some hills on the Frost Bite course.

Dwayne said...

Tuesday & Thursday's 5:30 Washington Park runs will consist of 2 easy laps around the park for a total of 4 miles. Meet at the shelter.

Remember to signup for Sunday's race if you haven't already.

Packet pickup is Friday Nov 30th, 4-6 PM at Sportscare of Illinois, 100 Chatham Road and Sunday Dec 2, 7:30-8:30 AM (prior to the race) at FitClub, 2811 West Lawrence Ave.

Linda said...

Here's the forecast for Sunday. Looks like you'll need a few layers of clothes. No surprise at that; there's a reason we call this the FROSTBITE! The weather forecast calls for seasonable temperatures. The low Saturday night will be 28 degrees with a few snow showers. 28 is the average night time temperature for the date. Then on Sunday the temperature will warm to a high of 42 degrees (43 is the average temp). There's a 40% chance of snow showers and the wind will be out of the NNW at 10 mph. Dress for the shivers--but don't let it stop you from running your race! You're Frost Toes!

barry said...

Remember the Frost Toes motto (it's on the blog page if you've forgotten):

NEVER too cold to run!

Mara said...

My left foot hurts, I get a headache everytime I run, my right knee hurts every step, my lungs are not getting adjusted to the cold, my neck and back are killing me!! JUST KIDDING!! I am feeling great and thankful for the great training and help along the way. I am looking forward to the run on Sunday!!

Jenni G mobile said...

Who was it that mentioned wearing baggies on your feet to keep them warm and dry? Dwayne, that you? I might just try that....socks, baggies, another pair socks....hmmm. Anyone else done this before with good results?

barry said...

Nobody never said nothing 'bout no baggies. He said you should think about eating toasted BAGELS. Your feet still get wet and cold but you THINK you're warm and dry. LOL!

Anonymous said...

speaking of food;I might run a litle faster if I know there is something hot at the end of the race,not just coffee but maybe hot pizza like at the scholastic run in june.