Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Let's Do It Again!

One more time, it's Take Your Pick Saturday! You can just feel the excitement.

For all of the Half Wits crowd, this route is an olide but a goodie:

It's also a good one because you can literally decide just what distance you want to run. You can run the Wabash Trail to the CVS Pharmacy and back for 6 miles; run over the Stanford overpass and back for 8 miles, or do the whole distance for 11. Want 12? Before or after the run, cut across the ShopKo lot, turn left onto Robbins, left onto Hollis, and curve around back to Panera.

I'll have Gatorade and water on the picnic tables at the east end of the Wabash Trail, and everyone going the full 11 can grab a drink in the FitClub lobby. We'll start from Panera West at 7 am.

Since the HalfWits program starts on February 2, I'm thinking about taking a two-week break from formal group runs. That will give everyone a chance to show up for HalfWits refreshed and ready to run again. Sound good?


Anonymous said...

Sounds good to me. My cold is better so I am hoping to get in as many miles as possible before the halfwits training starts. Sorry about missing last week.

Kari F. said...

Awwww Barry... no more formal group runs? How will we survive without our 'big toe'?!!!! I'm feeling withdrawl.........
See you all Saturday.. for our last 'sniff' formal group run with Barry!

Emily K said...

Barry I love how you give what mileage we could do!! You are so so creative!

But... where's the .5 mark??? That is about how far I can go right now... ;)

Can someone also bring a shovel so they can carry my ass from dragging off the road??? Debi? Holly? Do you have one??? It seems to be holding me down a lot lately!!! I'm so embarrassed of all the dirt/rocks my husband finds~ it is so NOT sexy to tell him that the marks that are left are not tattoos!!!!

Cyas on Saturday! :)

Emily K said...

PS: Kari you are so pretty!!! I just love your pic! :):):):)

barry said...

First of all--Barb, never apologize for missing a run. You gotta tend to your health first. That's why the rest of us run.

Kari, I ain't dead, so you'll only have to survive without the big toe for two weeks because you ARE going to run with the HalfWits starting Feb 2, aren't you? Mmmmm hmmmm . . . .

Emily, I think Best Buy is the .5 mark and I will bring a shovel to scoop up your ass. Long been a fantasy . ..

And you're right, Kari IS so pretty!

Kari F. said...

Dang, you guys know how to make a girl blush!!

Emily - you are the cutest thing ever!! I don't think you could ever take a bad picture!! BTW love the bling!!! How'd you do that??

Barry - You betcha I'm doing Half Wits again.. SOMEONE has to bring up the rear!