Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Let's Race!

Minor change of plans, Frost Toes. Instead of gathering at Panera West in Springfield on Saturday, Oct. 4, let's all head down to Chatham for the First Annual Heroes Run for Hope. This is a 5-mile race that's being organized by Jenni Gardner, a strong supporter of Abe's Army, the HalfWits and the Frost Toes.

Not only that, but the race is a benefit that will raise money for the Marrow Foundation.

I have a soft spot in my heart for races that raise funds for a worthy cause. I'm also excited to see a 5-mile race on the local schedule, because that's a fun distance to run. And Jenni is a good friend who's been a great member and advocate of training groups like the Frost Toes, so I'm quite happy to support her efforts.

Here's another benefit: the 4 Seasons restaurant in Chatham has great French toast for breakfast after a Saturday race.

I'll post all the details, including registration info and start time, as soon as I know them. If you'd really rather not run in this race, I'll post an alternate 5-mile route but someone will have to volunteer to put out water.

Make plans to run in this race. See you Oct. 4!


Anne B said...

this is great Barry, thanks!

Aaron said...

Is this race going to be the same course as the Race For Brazil/Race to Cure Lymphoma? I loved that race and was sad to see it go.

Jenni G said...

Thanks, Barry for the support! I promise to get the last minute details out to everyone and open up registration as soon as I can cement a few committments! I'm excited to be directing (for the first time, so please, be kind) a new race that hopefully, will grow each year. My main goals this year are to make a pile of money for the Marrow Foundation, and to put on a fun and energetic race.

Aaron, while the Lymphoma race and the Heroes race have related causes, I want to give runners a new and unique experience. So, I've decided to completely change the course. Some highlights include: A stretch down Main St; perhaps a jaunt on the new high school track; post race party at roomy South Park.

Here's something else to think about. The Chatham Chamber of Commerce is hosting a bazaar and may be bringing in a circus for the kids. Runners can start the day racing for a great cause, then mosey over to the square for food, music and family fun!

Spread the word, there's a new race in town! Mark your calendars and start your training now while this fantastic weather holds!

PS: Frost Toes group picture at the finish! Bring your Frost wear!

Anonymous said...

hi, it was great seeing ya'll at abes amble! thanks for taking my tag off jenni!! :) i'll try to run on oct 4th depending on my foot. but if i can't run maybe i can volunteer for something? joy

Anonymous said...

Are walkers able to join the frost toes group? My sister and I just walked the Abe's Amble and loved it.

Aaron said...

Whatever's cool with me Jenni. I like to support a good cause and I live in Chatham so that means I don't have to drive to the race. I'm looking forward to October!

barry said...


DON'T PUSH IT!! If your feet ain't ready for a run by Oct 4, don't run. Let them heal; otherwise, you might hamper your ability to run easily later on.

Besides, you can always let John run and you can cheer for him!

Anonymous said...

I loved that old route too Aaron!
Hopefully the homecoming festivities won't wear out the locals and will allow some townies to come out and support a worthy cause.