Monday, August 18, 2008

Go Army!

Congratulations to everyone involved in Abe's Army 2008. After getting through some of the worst weather ever on your Tuesday nights, you had beautiful weather for Abe's Amble.

Now, I'd like to invite you to the Frost Toes. We're a different kind of group than Abe's Army. For one thing, we don't organize into groups with designated leaders. Show up for the Saturday runs and I'll bet that you'll find someone else running at your pace. Run with them, get to know them, and talk to all the other runners before and after the long runs.

Along with the Saturday runs designed to increase your endurance, we have workouts on Tuesday and Thursday nights. On Tuesday nights we'll focus on hill running and speed work--or pacing work, if you prefer.

The goal of this group is to get everyone across the finish line of the Frostbite Festival 10-mile race on Dec. 7. We had good results last year and I expect even better results this year.

I'll be posting the training schedule later. Until then, welcome. Feel free to click on Comments and ask any questions you have. And be sure to take advantage of the Advanced Abe's Training!


Anonymous said...

My sister and I just walked the Abe's Amble and were in Abe's Army. Are we able to join Frost Toes or is it just for runners?

barry said...

Anyone can run or walk with the Frost Toes. We do NOT discriminate.

That being said, I've emailed the directors of the Frostbite Festival to see whether they are going to allow walkers during the race. This is a 10-mile race on country roads with weather that has historically been bad.

You can walk it if you want, but I wouldn't want to. You're always welcome to train with the Toes, though!