Saturday, September 20, 2008

Two Weeks To Go!

Just two weeks until Frost Toes 08 begins! Are you ready?

I think I am, although my running has been very erratic all summer. Maybe I just needed to get with the Toes before things got good.

This morning I ran the route for the Heroes Run for Hope, and it looks like a great course for our first run. It's an easy 5 miles with a couple small hills thrown in for laughs--they're speed bumps compared to Abe's Amble, and barely even speed bumps compared to the Frostbite Festival hills. Don't forget to register!

All in all, Oct 4 should be fun.

Things will be different on Tuesday, Oct 7, when we begin our hill workouts in Washington Park. Our target time for the workouts will be 5:30; if people can't make it by that time, we'll see if we need to move the time back to 5:45.

Thursday, Oct 9 will be the first Thursday run with Mary Rogers in charge. Those runs will also begin and end in Washington Park.

Can you feel the excitement?


Jenni G said...

I know I'm excited! Now that we have the course nailed down, I think you all will really like it! I believe we found some streets that even Barry hadn't run on before!!

I saw at least one FT registration already. The tote bags are limited to the first 150 people, so make sure you get yours by signing up early.

See you in two weeks!

Mary L. Rogers said...

Hey Jenni - good working with you on the course! Finishing up in the park is going to be awesome and the vendor line up and drawings for a Gamin and raffle for a bike are pretty cool. And did you say SOUP for the finish line? Now that is a treat for a fall race.

See ya soon!

Pamela said...

Hey Barry, do you have the schedule for Frost Toes yet?

Jenni G said...

Soups ON!

barry said...

Hey Pam, get off my back.

I mean, yes I have a schedule! I'm kinda holding back on the whole schedule as we do everything we can to focus on the Heroes race.

I'll post the list of Saturday runs this weekend. Tuesdays will be hill work in Washington Park, and Thursdays will be group runs led by MaryThon Rogers!

Did you know she's Bill Rodgers' cousin?

Anne B said...

Remember...Superhero costumes are encouraged

Anonymous said...

Are the Frost Toes going to meet somewhere before the race?

barry said...

I'm trying to figure out the best way for the Toes to get together on Oct. 4. I'm thinking after the race might be better, since there will be more room at the finish area.

Keep an eye on this blog!!

Anonymous said...

hi barry! my foot surgery went well i have i think my last dr's appt today 9/24 so i'm hoping to start up again with frost toes....i may be a little behind but oh well!! i'm gonna get on the tread mill to see if i can do a couple miles. mr. roate wants to run on 10/04 and join us for frosty training!! he's got the running bug now! see ya, also anything i can do for the race 10/04? joy

Anonymous said...

jenni g. hey let me know if i can help you with the race, stuff packet or anything....i'm not sure yet if i can run in it but i'd be happy to try to help you out. joy

Jenni G said...

Joy, YES I need volunteers for many tasks. Email me @, we'll talk about details. Thanks!

barry said...

So good to have Joy in our lives again.

Anonymous said...

Just a question is the frost toes course changing this year? If so when will it be posted and where?
Are the hills of this route better or worse than the shoreline?

barry said...

Melanie--The Frostbite course is not changing for this year, but since I've never seen the Shoreline course, I can't tell you whether the hills are harder or easier.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Barry, now that I know it has not changed, one of the other leaders Susan Helm has offered to take myself and crew out on it on some of our sunday runs. Melanie