Thursday, October 9, 2008

Saturday, Oct 11, Plan

So Tuesday night was soggy for a hill workout but Thursday night was just perfect. Looks like a fine Saturday is on tap, so let's start it right with an easy, flat 6 mile run.

Here's a link to the map:

This is the basic group run to Fit Club and back. We meet at Panera West at 7 am and cut across the ShopKo parking lot to Robbins Road. Left on Robbins, right on Progress, then right on Koke Mill. We go all the way to Old Jax, turn right onto Old Jax and then left onto Rickard Road all the way to Fit Club for a hydration break. Then we come back on Rickard, right on Old Jax, left on Wood Mill, and follow the curving streets until you're on Turning Mill. Left on Greenbriar and then right on West White Oaks all the way back to Panera.

First one to Panera buys bagels and coffee for the group.

Just kidding--but while you're running, look around and think about the power of the group. And put it to use; if you see someone who's struggling a bit, strike up a conversation. See if they've run this distance, see if maybe they're overtraining, see if they're just having a bad day.

We're Frost Toes. We look out for each other. See you Saturday!

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I just thought Tuesday night was rough. Tonight was gruelling as well. HIlls? Thanks Mary, I needed some extra hills in my workout. LOL At least the group was there to assist everyone in a successful training run. I couldn't do it without the group. Looking forward to Saturday morning.