Thursday, October 16, 2008

Saturday Plan

Saturday we're scheduled for 8 miles, and Tuesday night someone requested a hill or two in the Saturday long run. Okay.

We'll do the 8-mile route you can see at this link:

Here's the description for the "map challenged" Frost Toes: Head north from Panera on West White Oaks. Turn right onto Iles. Follow Iles to the intersection with Chatham Road, where water will be available. Turn left onto Chatham Road and then right onto Iles. Stay on Iles to MacArthur and turn right onto MacArthur. Turn left onto Highland and stay on Highland until you reach the railroad track, where the street becomes Iles again. Turn right onto 4th Street. Turn right onto Stanford. Take Stanford over the overpass, then turn left onto Junction Circle. Junction Circle curves around to the end of the Wabash Trail. Water and Accelerade will be set up at the trail head. Take the Wabash Trail to Robbins Road. Turn right onto Robbins and right onto Hollis. Stay on Hollis which curves into West White Oaks Drive to Panera.

See you at 7 am at Panera!


Kevin Milward said...

I think the map challenged comment is about me. heck, I got lost 2 times last year on a 4 mile run


Anonymous said...

...glad i'm not the only one like that....doesn't matter tho...I keep it safe and play "follow the leader"....hehe...See you all in the morning!!


ps)Thank you all for welcoming me into the group....I feel at home! :)

RoboChuck said...

You Noob! J/K

Dustie, nice to meet ya. Welcome to Frost Toes. The only requirement is making fun of the Big Toe (Barry).

barry said...

Kevin, I was depending on YOU to be the leader.

Chuck, you'll love this--I'm taking a couple weeks off from running. So you only get to make fun of me before you take off!

barry said...

Dustie, welcome to the Frost Toes. We all give each other static, but we ALL watch out for each other.