Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thursday October 24th

YMCA and back -5:40 p.m.
I'll have a bunch of blinky lights to pass out - courtesy of St. John's.

I may be bringing up the rear - still working through shin splints, but I'll be there!

DON'T FORGET - WE MEET AT FIT CLUB WEST ON SATURDAY AT 7AM - arrive a little early to find street parking - dress in layers. Rule of thumb is that you should dress for about 15 degrees warmer than what the weather is, and since you're working hills, you'll heat up pretty quickly out there!

So - how is everyone doing so far? Is this the longest race you ever have trained for? What draws you to long distance running?


Anne B said...

Some of us "less fast" runners are meeting at 6:30 so we don't get lapped too badly. Running 11:30ish pace

Anonymous said...

hi mary, the ymca route sounds good, i think it breaks the runs up a little bit. all the traffice makes me have to think more about getting hit than the run....i still don't know why i'm doing this!!! i just keep showing up! :) joy

Anonymous said...

I missed saturday and tuesday...and now have some sinus thing going on...but I still want to try to make it tonight....what's the distance of tonight's run? and we still start at Washington park? If I end up not being there it's because I ended up feeling too crummy. This is not my longest run I've trained for --- (did a half in September) but definitely worried about those hills on this one!....and I'm a sucker for being cold...instantly turn into a big baby! For me, the long distance running is like a prize - regardless of the be able to say "I did that" is the reward.


Anonymous said...

Hey Dustie - good to hear from you. Running in the cold/rain is just something you get used to. You never know what race day will bring - so the more opportunities you have to make yourself get out there when the weather isn't the best will pay off in the long run. I have to make myself get out in the rain and cold, but some of my favorite runs have been because I overcame the elements. I think I've ran in every type of weather, too!

Come on out and you may just suprise yourself (wear a running hat - keeps the rain out of your eyes!).

And joy - yeah, the traffic is always a concern, but think of it as stopping points along the way. Be safe! We probably don't have too many evenings outside the park as it is getting dark earlier. The mileage is 4.25 - if you do two short loops in the park you'll get 4 miles in and you won't have to cross MacArthur - either way - see you tonight!


Anonymous said...

Ok, so I won't be there tonight after all...I feel that bad. I will see you all on Satuday for sure! Have a great run!