Saturday, October 25, 2008

2 Possums, 1 Mouse, 1 Raccoon, and Miles

Great job tackling those hills today everyone! There were probably close to 50 runners this morning (but I think we ought to have a road kill count on this blog!! ) I'll post a couple pics this afternoon (of runners not road kill...).

Now that you've run the toughest part of the FrostBite Festival 10-Mile Run - it's time to sign up!

  • Tomorrow - Sunday, October 26 5:00 p.m. - 2nd Annual Halloween Hustle and Trail Trot for children and adults! Join us for a 4 or 2 mile fun run on the Wabash Trail. There will be lots of goodies and treats and a costume costume! The great family event is free with donations accepted for the local Girls on the Run program. More information is at

  • Tuesday - Thursday this week at Washington Park, 5:40 p.m. Tuesday will be a hill workout and Thursday will be a 4.8 mile run (the "Art Run" Remember - we run in ANY weather! Watch for more details.

  • Saturday 7:00 a.m. from Panera West - 9 miles (route TBA) OR

  • Sunday - Starved Rock Runners Canal Connection XXVI 10K Race in Utica. This race is part of the SRRC Point Series and registrants get an awesome sweatshirt! It's a 2 hours drive up there - think of it as an SRRC field trip! See the SRRC website for a registration form for this downhill/flat and fast 10K race. Interested in carpooling? Meet at Panera West at 7:15 a.m. and we'll probably stop to eat lunch on the way back to Springfield.

For those of you who have never run the FrostBite Festival, now that you've seen the hills, what do you think? You guys were awesome today!


RoboChuck said...

Thanks for leading the way. I followed Kevin and didn't get lost. Mike and Kevin kept me in check. They were pulling me up those hills. Nice to see a great turnout today.

Emily K said...

Hello Bailey! AKA Chucks dog! You are a Stegasaurus dog~ small head, big body, but your Auntie Em loves you regardless! LOL!

Hi All! Pics from today's run are posted! ENJOY!!! Copy and paste link below! You rock Marython! Thanks for the route! I miss you Barrython!!

Emily K said...
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Emily K said...

(In regards to Mary's title)

I forgot to comment to Tim Mu, Rick Neuber, Roger German, and Stephen Newell... Quite strange, but I think the animal laying in the middle of the road is STILL playing possum!!!

Stephen said...

Emily - Great photos!

Anonymous said...

I would say by next week those road kills will be ready and pressed for a nice coat.

Anonymous said...

There's new kill on the road! Troy and I ran 7 miles out the course tonight and there was a possum and a raccoon - side by side, awwwwww-----they just couldn't bear to be apart from each other! It was dark coming back and I almost stepped on that dead squirrel - that would have just freaked me out!

Another reason to wear blinky lights....

Hey Em - great pictures!