Monday, October 27, 2008

Tuesday Night Hills

Tuesday night, Oct 28, Linda Jones will again be your leader for a hill workout. Meet at 5:40 pm.

Starting from the shelter, you'll warm up by running east past the tennis courts and around the upper pond. Go down the short hill and group up at the intersection of Williams and Park.

Then run up Park Street to the Stop sign, turn around and jog back down to Williams. Run up the short hill, turn around and jog back down to Williams. Do six reps of that, then cool down by running on Williams to MacArthur and around back to the shelter.

1 comment:

RoboChuck said...

Hills, schmills...we should had done 12 of those. - LOL

I want to see Trisha and Roger go at it on the hills again. Trisha another 5 feet you had him.

Great job everyone.