Friday, October 31, 2008

Welcome to November!

Great job out there last night - I was going to complain about the hilly route, but I picked it! Here's a run down for the weekend.......
Saturday 11-1-08 <<-----click for map on the USATF website
Since the last three workouts have had significant hills, this saturday's route features a fairly flat course, taking you through the Westchester subdivision first and then crossing Wabash to run back west on Iles Avenue. I am not running this Saturday, but will have water and Accelerade set out at the Wabash trailhead on Park Street and at the KC Hall parking lot on Meadowbrook.
Sunday 11-2-08 Canal Connection 10K in Utica, Illinois
Part of the SRRC points series, this flat and fast race in scenic Utica is worth the drive. Interested in carpooling? Meet at Panera West ready to leave by 7:15 a.m. The race starts at 11:00 a.m. and features great sweatshirts! For more information, visit the Starved Rock Running Club site. Online registration ($24 with a dollar off for SRRC members) is available through NOTE: if you're running this race, I would suggest that you skip Saturday's long run - save it for the race!
SRRC Traveling Store
Barb Manson will have SRRC Apparel items at all FrostToes workouts starting this Saturday. The prices and quality are great and proudly bear the SRRC logo! To contact Barb for more information - click the SRRC logo!
Items available include:
Chill Fleece Knit caps and headbands - $12
Men's & Ladies Long Sleeve Technical training - $25
Ladies long sleeve wicking T's - $20
Unisex Sweatshirts in Navy, Royal and Pink - $20
oh, here's a shout out to Barry - Get better soon! Your toes miss you!


Aaron said...

Is it just me or does the SRRC website go down every weekend?

Someone tell me that I'm full of it.

Mary L. Rogers said...

The website has been experiencing some technical issues - the webmaster is working on it and hopes to resolve these issues quickly. Keep trying!

Anonymous said...

Still not up to par after fighting the flu for 2 weeks, I ran w/the group to the water stop and knew that was it for me. After watching from a far distance the super fast group zig zagging through the burbs, I knew to play it safe by taking the bike trail back to Panera. For those that know their distance, could someone tell me how much I ran today? It was foolish for this flu-like female thinking she could cover 9 miles, but hey, I tried!

Mary L. Rogers said...

If you ran to the water stop and then back via the Wabash trail, you probably covered over 6.5 miles (I think it's 3.75 to the water stop, 2.75 back on the trail - approximate). Good job, especially recovering from the flu! Listening to your body is smart - it's better to cut short a run than to wear yourself out.

Get better soon - you'll be up to par in no time.

Aaron said...

Thanks Mary. I was beginning to think it was my internet connection.