Monday, November 3, 2008

This Week At A Glance...

...the weather is beautiful now, but don't get fooled - those toes will be frostie in no time!

Tuesday (speed or hills)/Thursday (4+ miles) - Washington Park 5:40 p.m. Routes TBA!

Saturday - 7.43 miles - Panther Creek Route This is one of my favorites - but I'll be out of town. Someone will leave water at the Country Club Parking Lot (mile 3), and Kevin will get you guys started.

Exercise your right to vote - the most important workout this week!


Linda said...

Here's the hill workout for Tuesdays night. It's the same workout we did last April on tax day--now roll it forward to Election Day! Get your vote in early so you don't miss this one!
We'll run from the shelter by heading west (turn right out of the shelter lawn area) and run down the hill and around the pond until you reach Lincoln Avenue. Stop there for all the group to meet up. Then run up the hill on Lincoln Avenue and jog/walk back to the bottom. Run up the hill opposite of Lincoln Avenue and again jog/walk down. Rest two to three minutes and repeat. Be sure to rest between sequences so you get the effects of an interval workout. Do each hill three times--four if you're up to the challenge. End the workout with a cool down run by running back toward MacArthur and then back to the shelter. If you can challenge these hills you can get through that 10 miles of Frostbite territory!

Nancy and I have ordered up some of this spectacular early November weather for Frostbite so let's hope our order gets fulfilled!


Linda said...

Good work out there tonight! It was a dark and moonlit night. But at least it was warm--still 67 degrees when we started out. Very soon we'll have dark and cold and true November weather. We had some great efforts from everyone out there with some doing as many as 6 repeats on the hills. Keep up the good work and you'll be more than ready for the Frostbite hills!