Sunday, November 9, 2008

Run for Tuesday

Tuesday, we'll work on speed work and do some more negative splits. From the shelter, turn left and do a warm up to MacArthur Blvd. Go to the north side of Williams staying on the west side of MacArthur. Take a rest so everyone can gather back up. We will run back into the park and towards/around the ponds and up the big hill if you get that far. The first run will be out three minutes, then turn around and immediately run back three minutes (total of six minutes). Try to do a negative split by getting back to the starting point at MacArthur in less than three minutes. Take a rest for a couple minutes. The second run will be out five minutes, turn around and immediately run back five minutes for a total of ten minutes running. Rest another few minutes. The final run is out seven minutes, back seven minutes. The total amount of time for the speed work is 30 minutes (6 + 10 + 14). The final cool down will be a run on the same route but returning to the shelter.

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RoboChuck said...

Didnt venture out last night. I had a commitment. How was it?