Sunday, November 9, 2008

Looking Ahead to Thursday and Saturday

The Frost Toes are working on the last four weeks of training. The Frostbite Festival run happens four weeks from today! Here's the training plan for the rest of this week. On Thursday we'll run a 4.24 miler that we did near the start of Frost Toes training. Start at the shelter in Washington Park and run south out of the park on Wiggins. Turn left on Ash, then left on Park, take a right when you reach South Grand and run to MacArthur. Turn left on MacArthur and then turn left on Williams. Turn right on Lincoln and go up the hill. Turn left on Fayette and then right and run back down into the park by the Carillon. Turn left at the bottom of the hill and run around the duck pond and back up the big hill in the center of the park and back to the shelter. See this map on the USATF website by using this link:

On Saturday, we'll be tackling the full 10 miles of the Frostbite Festival course! Plan to meet at 7 a.m. at Fit Club West on Lawrence Avenue. Please don't park in the Fit Club parking lot unless you are a member. Think hills, cold and wind along with I CAN DO THIS!


Anonymous said...

thanks Linda for your positive attitude and it gets colder the temptation to sit on the couch and watch TV is great. If you can get out in the cold then there is no excuse for me not to show up.

The Reynolds Family said...

I agree the temptation is very inviting but the desire to finish what i started is there! Not that there won't be a bit of complaining involved but the gratification at the end will be worth it! Hang in there and think warm thoughts..

Linda said...

The cold is not another barrier--just a test of your resolve! Getting outside in the winter is a great way to get fresh air, get away from the coach and snacks, and keep moving! Don't let the cold, rain, snow, or dark be your excuses. You are strong and determined to be a finisher, and cross that line on December 7 with a smile on your face!

Finishing with Susan said...

Count Baby Ruth, Marie and Sue'll be fun - after it's over.

RoboChuck said...

My goal is to catch that little guy (Tara's son) on Sat. He is such a gazelle. Dale, are you with me?

barry said...

I am so bummed that I couldn't be out there with you guys today. Hope everyone was dressed for the weather and had a good run.

Just think--now you know that you can beat this course. Congratulations!