Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tuesday Washington Park Run

I heard an amazing motivational speaker this past week. Alan Hobson is an adventurer, national award gymnast, a marathoner, parachutist, white water kayaker, rock climber--well you get the gist--an all around thrill junkie. And to top it off, he's climbed Mt. Everest three times! He reminded the audience that making your dream come true is 97% preparation and 3% execution. So when you think about the hills on the Frostbite course, you won't be surprised that the training this week is about hills!

Here's Tuesday's run: From the shelter, turn left on leaving the shelter, take the first left at the intersection, go past the gazebo and down the hill by the pavilion. Turn left at the bottom of the hill and around the lower pond to the bottom of the carillon hill. We will do six repeats of the carillon hard to the top, turn around and jog/walk to the bottom, take a short rest then repeat. Cool down by going back the same way as the warmup run. Smile and have fun running with the Frost Toes along the way!

Mary will post the Thursday run later this week!

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