Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saturday Run--WOW!

Thanks, Barry for sending your thoughts to us while we were hitting the road. The run today was AWESOME! There were 81 runners on the Frostbite course today! Despite the cold temperature of 38 degrees, some fierce wind, a little rain mist, and those same dang hills, everyone was tackling the course with enthusiasm and a can-do attitude. We had several runners who made their first 10 mile run--congratulations! We all knew you could do it! The power of the group and the consistency of training are making a real difference. Now that we've got the Frostbite weather out of the way, I am going to feel confident that December 7 will be great weather for the race! Keep up the great work and take time this weekend to rest and regroup for the last three weeks of training.


barry said...

81 runners? Was everyone waiting for me to drop out?

LOL!--Great job, everybody!

Anonymous said...

It was a great run and there were positive attitudes the entire route - every time we passed a group running in the opposite direction fellow runners yelled out "Great Job". What a group! I have ran the distance before, but not the Frost Bite route and certainly not the hills -- I left feeling soooo accomplished! Great job everyone!!!! :)


LT said...

Good job everyone. The conditions were less than favorable but at least we had the wind on the way back. All the Frost Toes looked really strong.

This was first time running the course and all I have to say is "WOW"!!!!

RoboChuck said...

Hey Barry,
Miss you my friend.


Great job everyone. I was impressed to see a big turnout today. No matter what your pace was...we all did it together.

Mary L. Rogers said...

I am really impressed with the turnout, with all of your accomplishments, and with the power of this group. Tackling the hills, the cold, the wind was not easy. Congratulations to all of you!

Watch the blog for information about Tuesday (Linda) and Thursday (Mary) runs this week, and Saturday we'll be back at Panera. If you are looking to test your speed work, the Jingle Bell run is Saturday as well (! Run long or run fast - you pick!