Thursday, October 8, 2009

Saturday Plan

Saturday morning we meet at 7 sharp to take the second step toward the Frostbite Festival!

This week we'll run an easy 6 miles from the CMT office at Washington and Durkin Drive to Washington Park and back. There will be a water stop in the park that you'll pass twice, so take advantage of the hydration opportunity.

If you need a restroom, use the Shell station across Durkin from CMT. Next week we may have access to the CMT office itself.

Click here to see a map of the route.

There's one tricky part on the way back from the park. Lawrence takes a left turn at one point; if you go straight, you're suddenly on Oxford. So be watching the street signs and turn left when Lawrence does.

Keep an eye on the temperature. There's a chance it might dip into the 30's before we start running, so it might be time to break out the running pants.


Jenni G said...

Might be time?? I think it's definately time! I'm psyched for this run!

Anonymous said...

Is it too late to join the group?

barry said...

It's never too late.

There's no fee or anything like that. You run with us and you're part of the group! I just like to have people fill out the form to provide emergency contact info and sign the waiver.

Meet up with us at 7 am Saturday and you're a Frost Toe!

Finishing with Susan said...

Thanks for a great run this morning, #1 Frost Toe. Jenni G and I paired up and had an awesome 6 miles together. You are the best, BH.

Anonymous said...