Sunday, October 4, 2009

Great First Run!

There were LOTS of Frost Toes running the Heroes Run for Hope, and everybody did a GREAT job out there!

Welcome to Frost Toes 2009. Now that we've had our first group run, it's time for our first Tuesday night session. We'll meet at Washington Park around 5:45 pm. Meet at the shelter next to the playground area--this is the shelter used for the Women's Distance Festival and the AMA run.

We'll warm up by running from the shelter to the pavilion and then down to the carillon. From the base of the hill, we'll do 4 hill repeats--run up the hill almost to Fayette Avenue and then walk or jog back down. Then we'll cool down by running back the way we came down to the carillon.

By the way, if you filled out a Frost Toes form on Saturday and have NOT received an email from me yet, shoot me an email at and please include your emergency contact information.

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