Monday, November 16, 2009

Final Hill Workout

That's right, Tuesday night will be our final hill workout. Next Tuesday we'll do a pace workout, and the following Tuesday we'll do an easy run as we taper toward Race Day!

So let's have some fun. We'll do a warmup run around the east side of the upper duck pond, but instead of taking Williams to MacArther, run down the short hill and turn left. Everyone gather at the base of the hill that runs along the west side of the pavilion. We'll run up that hill, jog down, then run over to the short hill, run up that hill, jog down, and return to the base of the pavilion hill.

Here's a link to what I mean. We'll do six repetitions of this loop.

Unfortunately, I'll be watching you guys do this workout. I'm still recuperating and have to rest if I walk up a flight of stairs. Bummer.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing up on Tuesday. I will be at Washington Park at 5:30, if anyone want to run. I will wait for a bit, but wont run there alone at night, so if no one is there I will go closer to home and run at home. See you on Saturday! Get better soon. - MT