Thursday, November 12, 2009

Saturday's Route and Stuff

Saturday we meet at FitClub West, which is just west of Veterans Parkway on Lawrence. Do NOT park in the FitClub parking lot unless you're a member. Park on the street or in the parking lot of the nursing home across the street from FitClub.

At 7 am we'll run the course. Here's a map, with a correction. After starting from Lawrence, we go past Victoria and turn right on Mill Bank Lane and then left on Victoria. Take Victoria to Koke Mill, right on Koke Mill, then left on Washington. Take Washington all the way past Bradfordton Road, through the hills, and turn right on Old Covered Bridge Road. Stay on that until you reach PEC Road. Turn left on PEC as it meanders through the country. The turnaround point will be marked; retrace your way back to FitClub.

We'll have hydration stops at Bradfordton Road and at Jan Wilosn's house on PEC Road.

How'd you like to help out one of the nicest people in the SRRC? Last week Nancy Sutzer and Tim Mullady told me that Carl Benton is now the grandfather of twins--and they're living at his house! Along with the joy of newborns is the expense of keeping TWO babies in diapers. Nancy and Tim thought the Frost Toes might like to lend Carl a hand by bringing disposable diapers Saturday morning. What do you say? Either Nancy or Tim will be collecting, so if you want to help out a fantastic person, bring some diapers with you!

See ya Saturday!

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Anonymous said...

Great Idea, Im sure that all sizes would be appreciated. Hope you are doing better and we will see you Saturday. - MT