Monday, November 23, 2009

Final Two Weeks

How did Saturday go? Did you like the course? Did we have a good group?

Thanks again to Bill Stokes for taking over. Now we're heading into the final two weeks.

Tuesday night we'll do a final speed--or pace--workout. We'll do the negative splits again because so many people liked them the first time around. Meet at the shelter at 5:45 pm.

Thursday morning you can join the Cold Duck Run. This is an extremely informal get-together at Washington Park that features running, food, wine, a bonfire and the traditional singing of Thanksgiving carols. Okay, I made that last part up. If anyone knows the earliest that someone will be at the park, please spread the word.

Saturday morning is our last long run before the race. We'll meet at the fairgrounds by the Grandstand for the annual Abe's Turkey Trot. We'll run the Abe's Amble course just to show you how easy that course is once you've trained for the Frostbite Festival course. We'll also be giving the chip timing system another workout.

By the way, if you have not yet registered for the race, what are you waiting for? Do it now!

Hope everyone's training is coming along nicely. Post a comment and share your experiences!


Bill said...

Hey Barry you've got a good group! A lot of runners showed up and we got off on time.

I want to thank Joni Stahlman for her help. She took care of the Ginger Creek and Koke Mill water stop and also picked up the supplies we needed from Sam's Club. Thanks Joni!

I enjoyed the responsibility and hope everyone had a good run.

BTW I tired to send everyone off running the November 9th route (at least the first part). Since almost everyone had studied the route better than I...they just ignored me and ran the route you posted...LOL.

Looking forward to the race.
Thanks for the opportunity to lead your group! - Bill

Anonymous said...

Bill did a great job. Im hoping the weather stays on the dry side. yes, I am a whimp! -mt