Sunday, November 29, 2009

Winding it down

Race day is a week from today, which means we're in the final week of preparation. For a challenging 10-mile course, that means we wind it down this week.

At this point, you've either fully prepared for the race or you haven't. Nothing you do now--whether it's distance or hills or speed work--is going to make a difference on race day. Your body simply doesn't have the time to rebuild after a tough workout and be ready for next Sunday.

So Tuesday night we'll take it easy. We'll meet at the usual spot in Washington Park for two laps around the park. We'll go the easy way; from the shelter, we'll go down the hill toward the lower duck ponds and then clockwise around the park.

Anyone getting together Thursday to run should keep it under 4 miles.

Packet pickup will be 4-7 pm Friday at the SportsCare facility at Chatham Road and West Washington.

Leading the Frost Toes this year has been a real hoot. Thanks for participating!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for all you have done Barry. It has made this (my first) a real good experience. See you Tuesday! - MT

Anonymous said...

Thank you Barry for leading the way! Running with a group is always so much eaiser than going it alone and so much more fun! I truly appreciate you getting our routes together every week and all the motivation! Hope you are feeling better for race day...see you there! lori

Anonymous said...

Thanks Barry -- you are a great leader and appreciate all you do for the Springfield running community. gb