Sunday, November 1, 2009

Great Job!

All the Frost Toes (with one notable exception) did a great job Saturday! You ran 9 miles and donated at least a ton of food to the Central Illinois Foodbank. Way to go, Toes!

BIG thanks to Melanie Reynolds for collecting the food and delivering it to the Foodbank. A second BIG thanks to Mel for providing the tailgating goodies.

Saturday was also the day that Linda Jones was practicing on the SRRC's chip timing system. So we had a LOT going on!

This is a cutback week--we'll do 7 on Saturday--so Tuesday night we'll mix it up a bit. We'll warm up by running from the shelter to the MacArthur-Williams intersection. Then we'll do some negative split runs of 8, 12, and 16 minutes. That means for the first one you will run out 4 minutes then immediately turn around and run 4 minutes back. The idea is to get past the starting point, so you run farther on the way back...therefore getting a negative split. Next we'll run out 6 and back 6. Finally we'll run out 8 and back 8.

This workout means that everyone gets done with each run at the same time. If you've done this before, you know how enjoyable it can be.

See you Tuesday at 5:45. BTW, I was the notable exception Saturday morning. I got dehydrated. I didn't get enough fluids before we started running and I hadn't thought about getting any sort of gel--GU or CarbBOOM or anything--to take during the run. I should know better. So the lesson for everyone is: hydrate adequately.


Anonymous said...

I've registered for the Frostbite, have never run it before, and would like to know when you are planning to run the race route. Saturday mornings my kids are in sports but hopefully I can work it in. Thanks

barry said...

Nov 14 is the day we're scheduled to run the course

Anonymous said...

Barry, I will be running same route as last week on this Thursday by 5:30 at Lincoln park. I will have print out of directions of route. Could you please post and let everyone know.

thanks Cassie Pollard

Allyson said...

I heart the Frostbite course =)

Anonymous said...

Barry, thank you very much for the infomation. I might be joining you on Saturday for the first time. I broke an ankle back Sept 17 and just getting back into it. (Went 6 last weekend) Gradually increasing my distance. My wife and I are signed up for the Goofy Challenge in Jan.
We need some power of the group to keep up going.
Gary Wessel

The Reynolds Family said...

Thanks for the kind words Barry!
You still had a smile on your face at the end and wouldn't have known! Should have asked, I always keep a spare gu in the car door, maybe just for good measurse, it is a plain one but hey it has carbs and lytes.
Gary sorry to hear about your ankle, you are hard core!

The Reynolds Family said...

Oh and I can bring the cooler with hot water if you want me to again this week and hot chocolate and cider we had left over, if someone would bring the styrofoam cups and spoons. Let me know in comments please.

Lisa said...

Barry, you can't forget you didn't finish alone...I was in the back with you the whole way. Also, if you hadn't of run with me I would have gotten lost, or quit. You most certainly made it a fun run. Oh, and being a mom I always have extras...I could have given you the extra Gu in my pocket and would have gladly. If you forget again, just ask, chances are I will have more than enough. Thanks again. Lisa

barry said...

Thanks, ladies.

Good to know someone has gu to spare, but I need to go shopping. I just can't believe that I had forgotten that I always need the carb boost on runs that long.

Nick said...

To Gary Wessel,

Just wanted to let you know that there are other Frost Toes out there signed up for Goofy. Look me up and I can introduce you to a couple of us at least. The Frost Toes are a great group to run with, and the power of the group is definitely strong!

Nick Fogleman

Dave said...

I concur with Nick! If we didn't have the frost toes to train with then it would make for some long boring cold runs!! You can also check out and are welcome to join in our runs on non frost toe days! Thanks Barry for the organization!!

Dave Drennan

Anonymous said...

I'm training for the P.F. Chang Marathon. Where is your 7 miles on Saturday? I have to do 12 but I need the power of the group for the first 7. Thanks.


barry said...