Thursday, October 29, 2009

Saturday's Route

So I had a few people Tuesday evening demanding that I come up with a flat route for Saturday. That means one thing--we have to go west of Veterans and south of Lawrence. Click here for a map of the route.

Saturday is also the Trick or Eat Social for the Springfield Road Runners Club. Here's a flyer about the event. Basically, bring canned or non-perishable food to donate to the Central Illinois Foodbank. Then run with the Toes. Please note: Donations are completely voluntary; you are not required to donate in order to run with the Frost Toes.

Saturday is also Halloween, so if you absolutely want to run in costume, feel free. Keep in mind that you'll be wearing that costume for NINE MILES, which may be a pain if you haven't run that distance before.

See you Saturday at 7 am!


Kim Bradley said...

Thank you for organizing another great run, Barry! :)

Anonymous said...

How many miles are you planning on Saturday, November 6?
Gary W

Finishing with Susan said...

We had so much fun and I particularly liked the tailgating at the end. Great job, Maria and Melanie.

Anonymous said...

Had a real great time Saturday! Thanks for the break from the hills. It really gave me a boost of confidence. It is wonderful to meet new folks every time we get together. This is a tremendous help for me to get out of my shell and to learn to run! Thanks so much! Looking forward to Tuesday - - MT

barry said...

Mary, if you learn much more about running, YOU will be leading a training group soon!

Gary, Saturday is Nov. 7. That day the Frost Toes will be running 7 miles.