Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wanna Be a Star?

Now's your chance! Jenni Gardner is already making plans to revamp the Half Wits blog (see the link to the right), because some people plan ahead while I sometimes post the night before what the plans are for a day.

One of the additions she's planning to make to the blog is video. Yeah, Internet video. But here's what she's thinkin:

"The theme of this particular spot is 'Why do we run?' I'm looking for 2-10 second spots, single or teams. Some examples: fitness, fun, social time, relaxing, cute clothes, etc. I know this group is full of enthusiasm, smiles, and humor, so I'm reaching out here first. I'll have the camera in hand before and after the run if anyone wants to be a star."

So be thinking about why you -- or you and your buddies -- run. Then touch base with Jenni on Saturday. In just seconds you'll be besieged by autograph hounds and paparazzi!

See ya at CMT at 7 am Saturday!


Anonymous said...

I wish I could have been at the run this morning, but all I could do was start from my house and do some of the route. Would have loved to tell Jenni why I run. I run for me.
Barb M.

Jenni G said...

Thanks to everyone who played along with the video project! I had some hilarious responses. Stay tuned for the results soon to come.

Anonymous said...

Hello Melanie and Maria, Good to see you last weekend on the trail. You said that you two went 13 the week before. What race are you training for? If you don't mind company, we may want to join you on a run sometime. We have some long runs ahead and will need the power of the group to pull us through. You can either email us your training schedule or posted it. I have lost your email addresses.
Your Goofy friends, Bobbie and Gary

Anonymous said...

We are doing the half marathon on Nov 22. I will email you tonight from home.

Great seeing you out there.