Friday, August 17, 2007

Attention Abe's Army Grads

So you've met your goal--no matter where you started, you trained to run one of the most challenging 10k races in central Illinois.


Now what?

Now you can go it on your own, continuing the running schedule you followed during your Abe's Army days. You can slowly fade away and quit running, since you no longer have a specific goal or the support of your Abe's Army platoon.

Or you can set a new goal for yourself and join a group dedicated to helping you achieve your goal. Welcome to the Frost Toes. We're all about getting ready to run the Frostbite Festival 10 mile race on December 2.

That's right, 10 miles.

You can do it. You KNOW you can do it, because you just completed a program that took you from hardly running at all to running a 6.2-mile race. Stepping up to 10 miles isn't out of reach for you, especially with the training program we've developed and especially with the encouragement and support of fellow runners.

You don't have to commit to running a certain pace. We're not taking attendance at any of the runs. If you want to join us, just show up at Panera West on Saturday, September 29 at 7 am. We'll talk about the training ahead of us and go for a run. What could be better?

Oh, and be sure to watch this blog for the latest Frost Toes information!


Anne B said...

Fade away? That's a depressing thought!

barry said...

Yup. I'm trying "reverse psychiatry" on them to encourage them to keep on running!

As Bill Rogers wrote in my copy of Running for Idiots (or whatever the title is), Let's Run for the Rest of Our Lives!

Anne B said...

Resorting to reverse psychology tactics...I love it. Because you have to be a little nuts to run the Frostbite.

This morning my neighbor and I ran part of the Frostbite route (the segment west of Bradfordton Road to the end of Washington Street). It occurred to me that an optimum training plan for this race would be to set up a slip & slide on a treadmill in a meat locker. Then keep jacking the incline up to 30%, down again, up, down...well, you get the idea.

Anonymous said...

I think Bill Rodgers book is "Running Like an Idiot!" or something like that. No just kidding, he is a super nice guy. Your group sounds terrific, I'll plan to join in the fun. By the way everyone is invited to the SRRC Picnic, Saturday, Sept. 8, 3-6 pm at Center Park. We provide chicken and hotdogs and soft drinks, you bring a dish, a chair, adult beverages if you're old enough. I need to get a ballpark number of attendees pretty soon, just email me a
That's it, look forward to seeing you!
Barb Bonansinga